“As we’ve all seen in recent years the Cloud has exploded! The rate of change in this environment makes it a very exciting place to be, so sit back with your 3D glasses and watch the show…or more importantly *make* the show.”

– Mick Badran MOQdigital CTO


Our application integration & development practice is a double Microsoft World Wide Award winner and leading Australian Microsoft Gold Partner. We solve customers business problems with innovative solutions by enabling their Business systems to talk together, utilising the latest Microsoft on-premises & cloud integration technologies.


Application Integration & Development

Application Integration & Development is about connecting your business’ systems so they all work together seamlessly. Whether on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions we enable your IT systems to talk together utilising the latest Microsoft technologies.

We can help you move to the cloud and show you the benefits and cost savings as a result.

Moving performance constraints out to the Windows Azure cloud and at the same time keeping secret data on-premises through development of a hybrid development solution enables clients to save on costs, retain IP in-house, and focus on business growth.

We can address any pre-existing challenges you may have with how your systems are currently interacting, or how they can be enhanced to support your business growth.

How can application integration & development help your business?

  • Gain access to real time data from disparate systems
  • Improved agility & flexibility on business systems
  • Increased staff productivity and reduced costs from reduced human based processes
  • Exchange data effectively with partners
  • End-to-end process visibility


Cloud Integration

We extend the functionality of your existing business apps, connect cloud applications, mobile devices and connect external partners more easily and faster than ever before with cloud integration technologies.

Delivering a Business Solution today means agility and flexibility. Cloud Solutions deliver these capabilities fast as well as dynamic on-demand scale, rather than the traditional infrastructure approach. Don’t throw away what works for you as our focus is deliverying high quality hybrid application integrated solutions, combining the best of the Cloud with the best of your on-premises.

Whether its redundancy, scalability or high availability you need, we design and build solutions incorporating the best of the cloud while importantly not losing sight of your business focus. Our track record speaks for itself.

Migrating workloads to the cloud enables:

  • Scalability and agility for increasing demand
  • Reduce operational costs, while increasing business effectiveness
  • Gain access to real time data
  • Manage risk at service level
  • Opportunities to expand into new markets at lower costs


Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem built on connected devices or ‘things’. It’s an ecosystem that combines sensing and signalling technologies to collect, process, and/or transmit data. Data which in-turn can be harvested, filtered, and analysed to help either automate a process, trigger an alert, or provide trending information for further analysis – the possibilities are many.

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