Keep High Value
Assets Safe

The health and safety of people deployed to work in the field or at remote locations is a number one priority. Remote monitoring simplifies the management of these high value people assets in difficult to access sites or multiple locations.

What is Remote Monitoring?


Centralised Management

Being able to see all assets and people in difficult or multi-site locations.


Visualising Threats

Being able to watch for and manage the warning signs for people and assets.


Keeping People Safe

Being able to geo-fence hazards and preemptively monitor and alert people.

When focusing on Remote Monitoring on people assets for Transport & Utilities organisations, there are a number of topics that are worth discussion.

Why is this important?

A proactive approach to people asset safety

The health and safety of people assets is a number one priority. Having a proactive approach to people safety will allow people deployed to work at remote locations in the field are less complex to manage.


Meeting environment and health standards


Improving visibility into operations

Increasing the safety of operating environments

By integrating  smart wearable data from people in on location, we can combine and visualise the environmental and user data centralise the alerting, messaging , geo-fencing and incident response management.


Anticipating people safety issues


Lowering business risk

How can we get started?

There are a number of ways to get started with Smart  Monitoring with IoT wearables in your organisation by selecting an area below to find out more about.


BI Dashboard

Browse the work our consultants have done in our interactive dashboard gallery and register to get a customised dashboard with your data.


Proof of Concept

Experience our next generation wearable IoT safety solution evolved from the “smart hardhat’ developed for the team at Laing O’Rourke.


Azure Everywhere

We'll help you understand how Microsoft's Cloud vision can help your business use the power of Azure cloud infrastructure and services.


IoT Ready?

Understand the risk associated with looking at an IoT monitoring solution for your organisation through our business risk assessment.

Other Resources

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