Getting the most out of your Modern Desktop with a Service Plan 

Keeping up to date with the latest productivity tools to enable users to work where and when they need too can be a challenge for IT teams. With the recent update  from Microsoft to the paradigms of Windows 10 and the Office 365 ProPlus suite, it can become event more confusing, as well being difficult to manage. Without the appropriate strategy and technical configurations to facilitate ongoing service requirements, organisations can find themselves in vulnerable and unsupported configurations. 

MOQdigital can help you define a Modern Desktop Service Plan to suit your business and ensure you remain up-to-date and secure. MOQdigital can offer assistance in the follow areas:

  • Ensure your Modern Desktop remains up-to-date and secure
  • Use analytics to plan upgrades to mitigate potential risks
  • Enable adoption of new Windows and Office 365 features (such as Microsoft Teams for better collaboration and teamwork)
  • Get the most out of modern devices
  • Manage and secure  your devices wherever they are

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Benefits of a Modern Desktop Service Plan


Improve productivity outcomes

A well planned, frequent and automated deployment of updates minimises the productivity impacts on all users and the ensures a stable desktop operating environment is maintained.


Support Innovation and Change

Embracing the Windows-as-a-Service approach provides regular enhancements and features to the platform that staff can leverage to improve business outcomes. 


Maintain & Enhance Security Posture

Regular maintenance is the only way to mitigate the relentless tide of security threats to the business.

Windows as a Service & O365 Pro Plus Update Models

Windows as a Service Image
o365 ProPlus Update Model

Windows and Office servicing seeks to provide business with the value of new capability as quickly as possible and encompasses both Organisational Change Management and technology to address the ongoing maintenance requirements of the desktop platform with minimal risk and efficiency.

Windows and Office servicing moves away from the traditional Major Version, Service Pack, Hotfix methodology to a two (2) phased approach:

  • Quality Updates – these are akin to hotfixes. Monthly (plus occasional emergency) quality updates are released to fix bugs and patch security vulnerabilities. Quality Updates never include new features.

  • Feature Updates – basically a Major Version or traditional Service Pack. These bring new features to the products. Feature Updates also roll-up and include previous Quality Updates.

Our approach to servicing a Modern Desktop


Understand your Servicing Models

MOQdigital will tailor a solution that meets your specific requirements.


Develop a Servicing Strategy

We will assist you in developing a servicing strategy to future-proof your environment.


Implement Technical Configurations

We will implement the technical configurations to successfully maintain your environment.

A Tailored Solution for your Business

MOQdigital tailor the solution to meet your specific requirements, however, we have found that a "deployment ring" solution based on the below principles is often most effective.


Approximately 10% of the organisation’s users. Preferably ICT “friendly” people who can have updates deployed to them as soon as they become available.


25-30% of the organisation’s users. A diverse cross-section of the organisation that can have updates deployed to them approximately a week after they become available.


The remainder of the organisation. Updates deployed approximately two  weeks after they become available.

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