Advance your Digital Future with Nutanix's Hyper-Converged Enterprise Cloud

Bite Size Infrastructure

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform typically consolidates the datacentre by 70 percent or more, into a simple, plug-and-play. Organisations using legacy infrastructure switch to Nutanix to make their infrastructure invisible, elevating their IT to focus on the applications that power their services.

Scalable and Low Barrier to Entry

The platform mitigates the risk of an outage. It is scalable and has a low barrier to entry – new applications and projects can be provisioned quickly without disruption. The pay-as-you-grow model means predictable costs and no expensive refresh cycles. The platform also removes the need for large-scale data migrations when a platform is 'end-of-life'.


Other Benefits

Increased automation, BYOD support, VDI enablement, faster provisioning, easy-to-use dashboards for easy management, one-click upgrades, agnostic hypervisor support across Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-V, and VMware vSphere, and so much more.

Hyperconverged Proof of Concept Trial

How to start your Proof of Concept Trial


Book Proof of Concept Trial

By registering for a Proof of Concept trial, MOQdigital’s team of  credentialed consultants will be able to help your get the best from your Hyper-Converged Trial.


Discover your Options

Gain an understanding of how to manage and implement your Proof of Concept approach 


Get a clear strategy, plan & roadmap

After speaking with our credentialed consultants, we will enable a trial with your area of interest and sample information to get the most of the time you spend.

Book a Proof of Concept Trial for Nutanix Hyper-Convergence Enterprise Cloud

Proof of Concept Trial to run a controlled Proof-of-Concept for implementing Hyper-Convergence Enterprise Cloud in your organisation.

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