Journey to IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem built on connected devices or ‘things’. It combines sensing and signalling technologies to collect, process and transmit data to Cloud platforms for analysis, insight and action.

What is the Internet of Things?


Connected Devices

Smart Devices that are connected to the internet and can measure temperature, motion, speed, weight, moisture, heartrate, electrical current, light, sound, video and much more.


Big Data

With Smart Devices collecting and transmitting data all the time, a data repository that can handle an exponential volume of information and 'see' data patterns.


Cloud Scale

Cloud scale platforms that allow data streams to be read and analysed in real time and provide machine learning to forecast and predict of consequences from the data.

Smart Monitoring - Keeping High Value Assets Safe

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"The combination of Microsoft Azure and IoT takes people out of harm’s way by putting smarts where we would typically have put people."

Ryan Macnamee - Global CIO, Laing O’Rourke

How can we get started?


What's Right use of IoT?

There are many things to consider before embarking on an IoT project. MOQdigital can help you think things through to find the right solution for your business and identify where the most impact will be.


Cyber Security Assessment

Modern technology is moving at a rapid rate, and cyber threats are even faster. Find out more about how our Cyber Security Assessment can help your organisation detect and respond to the ever-evolving threats both internally and externally.

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Remote Monitoring

Integrates smart wearables and provides centralised management of Geo Fencing, Alerting, Messaging and Response, then visualises environmental trends about users on a integrated dashboard.



Build & Secure the O/S

When deploying devices into an IoT solution, care must be taken to plan and harden the operating systems to ensure they are protected from attack and are easy to provide updates to remotely.