Why Digital Transformation in Education Matters

October 9, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (19)It is easy to explore the benefits of Digital Transformation in Education, and news of how technology is helping shape learning arrives every day. There are many exciting advancements in digital when it comes to student success. But, it is also important to understand why Digital Transformation in Education matters – beyond the simple benefits and trends.  

The Need for Modern Education

When the report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels was released, it suggested that schools should be build assessment frameworks to track student progress. This would keep students, teachers, parents, and schools accountable for how learning was approached on campus. Much of this approach was built on collecting and assessing data, but it was also found that many teachers found data entry and management time consuming and even complex. 

At its core, Digital Transformation seeks to alleviate these kinds of burdens. It is vital to view Digital Transformation to improve user experiences, rather than as a set of trends. It exists to streamline solutions and services to improve outcomes – be it in business, in day to day life, or on school campuses. This is one of the reasons why Digital Transformation in Education matters. 

Digital Technologies gives educators the ability to understand their progress and that of their students. This also includes improving sharing, collaboration, communication, and creativity between students, their peers, and their teachers. It also enables a platform that goes beyond grades and allows educators to deliver effective student-driven learning experiences that facilitate success beyond graduation.  

Digital Support for Schools

Digital solutions provide support to students and educators to help them build better learning experiences. Services such as Microsoft Teams allow classrooms and teachers to engage on new levels, while also streamlining how assignments, tasks, and grading are done and delivered. It also provides an avenue for improved collaboration and communication between students and their teachers, parents, and peers. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are also delivering new forms of learning experience that equip teachers with the tools they need to prepare their class for a Future Workplace. The world beyond graduation has changed significantly for the Class of 2030 and beyond, and digital technologies help provide them with the tools they need to be responsible and capable digital citizens. This includes assisting remote students, as well as those with special learning needs. 

Digital Transformation in Education also gives schools a way to manage their campus, reduce costs, and leverage digital investments to their best advantage. It provides school leaders with a way to view what solutions they have, from computers to lights and everything in between, and manage it in a cost-effective manner in both the short and long term. 

The Right Solution for You

With the right digital solution, schools can thrive well into the future. By implementing a transformation strategy that is tailored to the needs of a campus, educators can quickly see the benefits of digitalisation in their students, teachers, and across their campus. 

Digital Transformation in Education matters – find out how to make the most of your future investments with MOQdigital today