What to look for when considering Hyper Converged Cloud Infrastructure 

March 22, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Journey to the Cloud

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Nutanix’s Hyper-Converged Enterprise Cloud gives you the flexibility to manage your applications through its  truly scalable Capex or Opex consumption models. This allows companies to replace outdated infrastructure and do more with their business. Companies considering the jump to Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), should consider how the solution will transform their data centers 

  1.  When considering HCI deployment, companies should examine their Return-On-Investment (ROI). ROI from hyper-convergence is measured in performance speed, data protection, and storage capabilities. A good HCI solution, such as the one offered by Nutanix, support all capabilities and are compatible across multiple devices and hardware systems.  
  2. Business continuity is essential, and companies should expect minimal disruption when implementing their HCI cloud solution. In fact, Hyper-Convergence helps protect against disruptions in operations, including those caused by human error and hardware failure. However, before moving data to HCI, companies must first know where their data is and what it is used for. 
  3. Operational needs evolve, and data scaling can be costly and complicated. Fortunately, Hyper-Convergence is designed to scale linearly to simplify a company’s expansion for their IT capabilities. Fast and flexible, HCI systems do not have to test separate components but rather can add more nodes to their existing environment.   
  4. Ensuring that businesses are utilising the right solutions is essential. The wrong solution could be costly and time-consuming. Companies considering Hyper Convergence will benefit from balanced load infrastructure that reduces the complexity of their data, but also of their management and scaling. 
  5. Not only does HCI help improve corporate cloud operations, but it is also an easily integrated solution that takes far less time than a traditional server to deploy. Traditional infrastructure can take weeks, while HCI can be installed and usable within a few hours.  

There are many things to consider when looking at new cloud integration for your business. With Nutanix Cloud, Infrastructure solutions become seamless and easy to use. 

MOQdigital has the insight and technical know-how to deliver innovative, reliable solutions that ‘just work’. Partnering with us in your Nutanix implementation will allow you to focus on your core business. Some of our customers include Aveo, Mater Hospital, ERM Power, Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney General, SunwaterStuartholme School, and many more. 

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