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September 6, 2019, Michael Power

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Copy of Copy of MOQdigital July - Sept (13)Who are MOQdigital Consulting Services?

Think of us as a boutique business consultancy, with a diverse range of strategic and operational business skills and capability, and we also happen to be attached to a great technology company.

We are here to help your business on the journey of transformation. We engage at the Executive and Board level to truly understand your strategic goals and your current and future operating models so we can identify the opportunities to leverage People, Process and Technology that will differentiate you in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We want to help put you ahead of the curve!

What are the big opportunities you help your clients with?

One of the key things we are hearing our clients asking is how can they disrupt their market, or even disrupt their own business models. They are interested in how technologies like blockchain and digital twins provide opportunities to transform their business. Our business consulting team have the strategic, functional and technical skills to bring these technologies to the table. We develop IT strategies that align with business strategy and transformational goals; then we make it real and implementable with a technology roadmap that lays out the agenda for digital transformation within the business.

The value that MOQdigital Consulting brings to our clients is reflected in our mission statement: Partnering to enhance business strategy with pragmatic independent advice enabling digital innovation and transformation”

So, what does it take to be an MOQdigital Business Consultant?

We have worked hard to build the A-Team of highly capable and experienced consultants. When we are considering someone to become an MOQdigital consultant and help us achieve our mission we are looking for people who ‘Get it’, ‘Want it’ and have the ‘Capability’. This approach builds an achievement culture where we challenge one another to constantly improve and grow.

An MOQdigital consultant is someone who is strategic, visionary, client outcome focussed, but most of all, they are honest, have integrity and are seen as a trusted advisor and partner by our clients.