Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

May 4, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Cyber Security

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Companies are becoming more sophisticated, with modern, mobile, and cloud-based technology boosting businesses above and beyond what was previously possible. However, the corporate world is not advancing alone, with equally sophisticated security risks following faster than ever before. As quickly as a threat is neutralised, new ones are being realised. Companies need to be vigilant to secure against these modern attacks, and a holistic approach can help ensure optimal protection – beyond the implementation of anti-virus and malware solutions.

It is critical to realise that security is not a ‘set and forget’ feature and requires regular, proactive monitoring to help protect organisations against the significant cyber threats affecting business environments. This is especially prevalent in the face of new Notifiable Data Breach Legislation, as well as after news regarding large-scale breaches; such as those faced by Uber and Under Armour in recent months. Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing can help businesses safeguard against Cyber Security Risks, and should be a critical component of organisation security. An assessment entails proactive testing to identify potential vulnerabilities in a company’s IT infrastructure, services, and offerings, providing the opportunity to identify – and rectify – security weaknesses. This allows companies to discover their vulnerabilities, especially those they may not have been aware of, through industry testing frameworks to ensure that high-value data and infrastructure remains secure. Company IT resources can then focus on protecting exploitable, high-risk vulnerabilities as a priority, rather than spending time fixing non-urgent problems while leaving valuable systems exposed.

Here at MOQdigital, we believe that Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing set security benchmarks for companies, allowing them to improve the security posture of their organisation so that they can identify and defend against security risks. An assessment includes:

  •  A comprehensive list of recommendations prioritised by a company’s security posture
  • An analysis of prior security report recommendations
  • A set of actions for implementation to minimise cyber risks in an organisation

Key recommendations from an assessment will not only provide insights into risks and risk management, but our credentialed team of consultants can help businesses develop effective security measures that align with a company’s high sensitivity areas and strategic directions.

To find out more about Security Assessments – get in touch with a MOQdigital consultant today. We look forward to building better, safer businesses to meet the needs of a modern digital market.