Network Convergence

January 10, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Converged Communications

3 10Jan Network Convergence

Our modern world is driven by access to media and technology. This has enabled significant advancements across corporate environments, and the need for services like Network Convergence is growing.

Network Convergence is the combination, or convergence, of multiple services across a telecommunication infrastructure. It is the merging of existing network systems into a single, multi-model platform for user communications. This allows for seamless access to the tools and solutions required for digitally driven business and involves integrating virtualised computing, storage, networking, and other resources for sharing across multiple applications. The result is an efficient process that offers increased access to system intelligence and greater possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, and Digital Infrastructure expansion and management. There are two ways that modern businesses can utilise network convergence to better their operations:

  1. By examining their singular systems and obtaining the infrastructure required to bring them together for simpler, unified use. This enables greater communication and productivity across corporate networks, as well as improved transparency, efficiency, and management.
  2. By converging cellular, internet, and other systems onto a single platform with the aim of converging all telecommunication devices. The result is a single platform that can be easily utilised by users, delivering seamless experiences and improved access.

To think of Network Convergence as a means to merely bring telecommunications to one platform would be an undersell. In fact, it enables significant benefits for businesses as it allows multiple technologies to connect and interact, delivering improved service, greater management, better communication, and solutions that meet the needs of – and can be leveraged for – the requirements of a digitally driven market. Converged networks provide companies with the ability to utilise a singular infrastructure. Indeed, providing customers and employees with the ability to access technologies from a single platform is the way forward for modern business. This improved flexibility and scalability provides organisations with new ways to engage with technology, customers, and employees. It is an end-user experience that is not only positive, but that has become expected. It is also a solution that can be leveraged appropriately for future growth and alignment with corporate strategy.

Users require quality service, and Network Convergence provides an opportunity to evolve existing networks to meet the needs of an ever-evolving users base. However, it is important to note that quality is paramount to the success of any Converged Network infrastructure. Successful user experiences cannot be obtained with services that are slow, prone to glitches, or inaccurate. They must also be secure, well monitored, easily managed, and simple to use.

Network Convergence is helping us move toward better, brighter technology solutions. The possibilities are limitless, and while deploying a converged solution may seem complex – it does not have to be. The benefits of Convergence are significant, and companies who fail to utilise it as a solution risk quickly falling behind their competitors.

If you are interested in finding out more about Network Convergence and how it might enable you to build a better business, contact MOQdigital today. Our experienced consultants can help you find a solution that finds your needs now – and well into the future.