The Benefits of Blended Learning

December 19, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing


MOQdigital November December (21)

Blended learning combines traditional education with technology, and is becoming an increasingly common approach to facilitate student success in a modern market. This style of learning has been driven by advancements in digital technology and has allowed educators to engage their classrooms with a combination of face-to-face interaction as well as with online engagement and digital innovations. The benefits extend beyond student engagement too, with faculty understanding the positives of incorporating a less-than-traditional approach to learning. One of the primary ways digital learning enables this is by helping teachers track and improve student engagement.

Blended learning allows teachers to define pathways for students, helping them better understand what is required of them while also allowing for the tracking of milestones and comprehension. This improves student success as teachers can then understand where students are struggling, and identify their strengths, to deliver more relevant educational experiences that facilitate student growth. Educationally driven technology can also enhance traditional learning experiences by providing immersive methods that increase comprehension and enjoyment in the classroom. A great example of this is Automated and Virtual Realities, which can deliver virtual information in a valuable and engaging manner. Students can explore solar systems, histories, and complex problems with this form of learning, opening the way for new opportunities for educational growth.

Blended learning also improves communication in the classroom. The students of today are growing up with technology and are digitally capable. This has shifted how they communicate, and in turn, changed how schools should communicate with them. Email, text messages, and social media are leading the way – and are all tools that can be utilised to facilitate learning experiences. These sorts of digital advancements help connect students to their teachers in more ways than ever before, allowing them to remain up-to-date and immersed in their educational experiences, rather than missing out on an opportunity to learn simply because they were not able to reach a teacher or mentor. On top of this, by providing ease of access and flexibility regarding subject material allows students to engage with content anywhere, any time.

Classrooms are no longer confined to rooms on campus, with content capable of being uploaded to smart devices and accessed securely using digital technologies. This allows students to juggle their responsibilities and learn on their terms. The result is enhanced retention and more opportunities to engage with school content than ever before. In turn, this leads to improved satisfaction and proficiency in education, and increased student success across schools.

Digital learning should not be seen as a way to replace traditional learning, but rather as a means to enhance it. Blended learning experiences provide many opportunities for growth in schools, and it is up to education leaders to learn more about emerging technologies and understand how they might benefit their classrooms. Contact MOQdigital to find out more.