The Benefit of Managed Services for all Businesses

July 18, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Service First

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (77)Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that Managed Services are for large companies only. However, the benefits of managed services for business apply to companies of all sizes and a Service First approach can help business leaders thrive in a digitally-driven era.

The aim of Managed Services should be to assist with the challenges associated with a digital environment, allowing companies to put their focus on innovation and productivity. In an age where Digital Transformation and Future Workplaces are driving corporate success, having the right solution and making the right investments in managed services could be the difference between thriving and simply surviving.

Managed Service for All Business

The benefits of managed services apply to all businesses and business leaders need to ask 'how can a Service First approach help my company?'. The answer with vary from business to business, as every organisation is unique, but an excellent Service First provider can help companies of all sizes deliver effective:

  • Management of IT infrastructure and IT service delivery
  • Leverage for mobile, cloud, and social platforms
  • In-depth data analytics
  • Long and short term IT strategies
  • New revenue streams
  • Cost reduction and improved opportunity for innovation
  • Growth across multiple industry sectors
  • The consolidation of teams
  • Streamlined operations

These benefits are obtained through the delivery of:

  • Managed End-User Services, including the delivery of broadly skilled, 24/7 global availability, named resources, service desks, endpoint management, and field services.
  • Managed Cloud and Infrastructure Services driven by specialist problem resolution experts for specific technology stack and management, including select system or complete cover.
  • Managed Security and Response Services to meet the needs of a digital era, with SIEM and SOC-as-a-Service options alongside vulnerability and penetration testing. At MOQdigital, we also offer ISO270001 security audits and incident response services for comprehensive cybersecurity cover.

The Size of the Business

Businesses of small and medium-size face similar challenges in IT across multiple industries, and a Service First approach benefit them all. Even large companies encounter common challenges associated with day to day infrastructure and IT operations, and IT teams around the world benefit from the outsourcing of certain operations. This allows core teams within a company to focus on mission-critical operations without affecting growth or strategies.

Managed Service Solutions allow companies to do more with less. Because a service provider manages, assesses, and monitors a company’s health, infrastructure, performance, maintenance, upgrades, integrations, and more – businesses can operate more freely and not worry about missing loopholes, spending too much, or not making wise investments with their digital technologies. A Service First Solution can even help a business stay on top of Governance and Compliance.

At MOQdigital, we provide an outside-in approach to Operational IT Services that augment existing teams or assume ownership and responsibility to help businesses overcome the challenges associated with supporting a digital environment. There are benefits in managed services for all businesses - don't let yours fall behind. Contact us today to find out more.