Streamlining Compliance for Integrated Healthcare

March 13, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Health & Aged Care

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Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers manage thousands of medical records every year, including personal patient information, security, and financial insights relating to each client. Integrated Healthcare can assist with streamlining compliance by helping healthcare providers get the most out of their Cloud investment, aligning business goals and highlighting risks and industry standards. This allows providers to ensure that they are meeting industry and government regulations, as well as protecting company and patient data. It is this digitalisation of health information that has allowed for significant steps toward an effective integrated healthcare environment. This information can be utilised and shared between providers in an effective and secure manner, creating a seamless experience for patients and improving the level of care they receive. However, it is integral that compliance and governance regulations are followed as Integrated Healthcare providers are legally required to follow the laws and regulations associated with healthcare and well data breaches.

According to The Australian Department of Health “compliance activities are focused on early intervention and prevention” to help assist providers meet their obligations and responsibilities. This helps target inappropriate practice and fraudulent activity and ensure that companies are operating to protect patient confidentiality. The appropriate application of Integrated Healthcare allows healthcare providers to streamline their compliance by:

  • Providing oversight for compliance programs
  • Helping develop plans and policies to ensure governance and compliance regulations are met
  • Standardising investigative processes and reporting
  • Auditing procedures
  • Monitoring on an ongoing basis
  • Ensuring effective, easily monitored communications
  • Enforcing policies 

Providers engaging with Integrated Healthcare can also improve their compliance by:

  • Developing a compliance plan
  • Assuring that they have a standard code of conduct
  • Putting a response and recovery plan in place in the event of a data breach
  • Ensuring security measures are up-to-date and appropriate
  • Keeping employees accountable to existing and up-coming changes in compliance and regulations

At MOQdigital, we believe that we can use technology to enhance the patient care experience – including helping providers streamline their compliance and get the most out of their cloud investment. We are driven by smart thinking and innovative ideas, and our expensive experience in Health and Aged Care allows us to empower our customers and embrace digital opportunities. Get in touch today to find out more.