Security Expectations for 2019

January 8, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Cyber Security

MOQdigital Security Expectations Blog 2018 was a big year for security, and all businesses engaging in a modern, digitally driven marketplace no doubt noticed how security – and risk – affected their operations. This was especially noted in the new Notifiable Data Breach regulations, along with new global security and privacy expectations under the GDPR. Change was also driven by newly emboldened behaviour from cybercriminals, with new targets, hacks, and capabilities emerging that could cripple corporate environments in a matter of moments. Companies must manage their expectation when it comes to how their security, and how advancements in security, work against the ever-growing risk of a digital market.

This begs the question; what should we expect from 2019?

The answer is simple; more of the same. This means that companies should expect more significant challenges, changes, and advancements in the security sector. These changes should not be seen as negative, however, with many of them contributing positively toward more proactive, engaged workplaces that utilise modern technologies and are capable beyond what they may initially have anticipated. This can be noted with Cyber Security getting a boost with the help of Artificial Intelligence and a push toward Digital Transformation in the workplace. Analytics will become more prominent in an organisations operations, and advances in predictive analytics and AI will allow companies to diagnose, understand, and take action on their security infrastructure in real time. This will help companies keep their security systems up-to-date, and will enable them to act quickly and capably in the event of a cyber breach. On top of this, machine learning and AI will help a business protect itself, allowing systems to detect small vulnerabilities that human operators might miss. Automation is a considerable asset in tech and will continue to contribute positively when applied correctly. It will help a company stay secure, without forcing IT teams to take time away from critical tasks to manage mundane security.

These innovations continue forward with device advancements. Passwords are quickly falling by the wayside, and are being replaced with better security and verification methods including biometrics, 2-factor authentication, and even USB-key access. These changes will contribute to the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that helps reduce corporate costs and improve remote productivity. BYOD policies can be implemented with greater safety in 2019 thanks to improved verification systems and enhanced network security.

However, despite these positives, it is critical for businesses also to realise the advancements in risk. Already, we are seeing increasingly sophisticated cybercrime and ransomware. While the frequency of these attacks has decreased, they are becoming smarter and more capable – targeting mobile devices and system vulnerabilities with a catastrophic effect. In fact, smart devices, while enabling greater business growth, are also the weak link in corporate security. When not used right, these devices can create loopholes and backdoors that malicious attackers can use to gain access to networks, corporate data, and much more. A further hard truth is that the legislation surrounding cybersecurity is not capable of keeping up with the growth of technology. Compliance within companies is paramount, and organisations often struggle to keep ahead of what is expected of them as well as what they are facing on a security front. This challenge is only increased thanks to cloud implementations and the use of the use of mobile devices.

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that companies have to fall behind and stay behind. We expect a huge year from 2019, but we also expect it to be productive, filled with great new technologies, and abundant with success. Here at MOQdigital, we help our clients find a solution that works for their business – both now and well into the future. We also help manage expectations about what is possible in an ever-changing digitally driven market.

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