Risk Framework

August 3, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Managing Risk

AUGUST (5)-1.pngManaging risk requires a specific, hands-on approach that could see your business more secure than ever. MOQdigital has the capability to provide consulting risk services designed to fit your company, your goals, and the risks you face.

Security risk assessment and policy planning

A Risk Management Framework consists of components designed to support and sustain risk management throughout your company. These components are:

  1. Foundations: This is where you address your risk management policies, objectives, mandates, and commitments.
  2. Organisational Arrangements: Here is where your company manages the risk associated with plans, relationships, accountabilities, resources, processes, and activities. 

These components help businesses manage and control their risk. Being able to identify, isolate, and manage risks is vital to business success and survival. The biggest problem with corporate security is that corporations often miss their loopholes, or fail to see developing loopholes as they progress forward. These can take the form of software and patches that have not been updated, unsecured networks, and affect the people and processes within a business.

Each loophole can leave companies vulnerable to avoidable attacks. Tailor-made security and protection unique to business policies and procedures are an essential factor in risk reduction. Necessary security control can include:

  • Firewall operations 
  •  Host installation
  • User policies
  • Security management
  • Recovery plans
  •  Lockdown procedures 
  •  Intrusion Detection
  • Prevention Systems
  • Malicious Content Gateways
  • Device Control
  • Buffer Overflow Detection
  • Media and Information Encryption
  • Application Enforcement

These services need to be implemented together and run in balance according to the correct management and reporting dashboards.
Backup & Recovery

Traditional backup solutions just do not compare to advancements in modern business. With a heavy reliance on IT departments and an inflexibility that sees companies falling behind, scalability is limited, and the risk of data loss is increased. MOQdigital offers backup as-a-service as a complete end-to-end solution, as well as disaster recovery as-a-service to assist businesses in protecting critical data, comply with internal and external regulatory requirements, and simplify data backup and recovery processes.
Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance

On top of these services, MOQdigital consults in appropriate IT governance, risk management, and compliance. Compliance is critical to business. As digital technologies are harnessed, companies need to ensure that they are compliant with industry and government regulations. Having a team with a strong understanding of these requirements, their implementation, and their restrictions can ensure that a system continues to grow steadily. 


Your data and services are the core of your business and are foundational to success. If you can be assured of your risk framework, and the management they are under,  then you can be assured that your security risks are reduced, and your long-term investments kept secure.

Read more about Security at MOQdigital and get in touch about managing your business risks today.