Preparing your business for Network Convergence

May 23, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Converged Communications

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (48)Network convergence allows companies to use multiple forms of communication across a single network. The result is a truly streamlined experience that meets the needs of a Modern Workplace – and experience and agility that is not possible if companies are utilising multiple separate infrastructures. The benefits of network convergence include flexibility, reliability, and savings – but widespread deployment could be a few years off for most businesses. This, however, does not mean they cannot be ready for the change.

The Transformation

One of the primary drivers of change in the Modern Workplace is the internet. All networks, both now and in the future, are moving toward higher speeds of digital data delivery through high bandwidth networks to wireless distribution points. In simpler words – we’re using more data, and we’re using it faster than ever before in a far more mobile environment. And network convergence infrastructure needs to keep up.

To do this, companies require three things:

  1. Power: This refers to the power behind access points and other edge devices. Power is essential, but many companies forget about it until after their network planning is complete. All businesses who plan to ensure the strength of their IT infrastructure now and in the future need to transform not just the Infrastructure itself – but the points that power it too. There is no point in creating a new system if it cannot be run effectively or efficiently.
  2. Backhaul: Backhaul is usually done through high-speed pair, microwave, or fibre links from radio locations. This allows for centralised equipment. However, new technologies are evolving and setting a new standard of decreased sensitivity and reduced data rates, while still improving centralised coordination and agility across networks.
  3. Site Acquisition: The third and one of the most important aspects of Network Convergence Infrastructure is site acquisition. A major part of any wireless network, site acquisition can be time and cost heavy. The effort should be about capacity, not coverage in a digital era so that company infrastructure can handle the amount of data moving across networks without fluxing or failing.

The Convergence

The convergence of networks is part of the natural evolution of digital technology. Companies expect it. They know it. We see it happening every single day. However, we also see many businesses who are taking on the trends of Digital Transformation without preparing their IT networks for the change. This is an error that could cost companies time and money that is better spent elsewhere.
The fact of the current era is this – change is happening, and evolution in technology occurs fast. While many businesses may not yet be ready to adopt the full expanse of these changes, they are always able to get ready. The more prepared a company is, the more successful their adoption strategy will be. Business leaders need to strategise how they will evolve as a Future Workplace, and what they will do to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

If you aren’t sure what Network Convergence looks like in your business, or whether your Infrastructure can handle the needs of a digitally driven era, contact MOQdigital today. Our team of experienced consultants can help you find a solution that meets the needs of your business – and its path to success.