Personalised Student Journeys with Dynamics 365

December 12, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


Copy of Microsoft D365 + Power Apps Campaign Blog BannerIn education, digitalisation is important – but alone, digital isn’t enough. Digital solutions need to enhance learning to be justified, and apps should help teachers accomplish curriculum tasks, not replace them. In a digitally-driven era, personalised learning experiences are the key to student success – and technology is driven to meet and enhance this need.   More and more higher education institutions are leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies to help with this – and hone in on persoanlised student journeys for better, more consistent outcomes. These outcomes are the result of improved data insights, greater productivity, and the ability to create smarter, more personal student relationships with the aim to:  

  • Improve student engagement 
  • Personalise relationships between educators and teachers 
  • Nurture alumni after graduation  
  • Drive communication and collaboration 

The Goal of Personalised Student Journeys with Dynamics 365 

The goal of Dynamics 365 in education is simple and important – to improve relationships and foster better learning. This is best done through personalised student journeys. Dynamics 365 enables this by bringing student data together through personalised student profiles and portals, and offering easy-to-use, efficient avenues for communication and collaboration between peers and educators. 

Personalised learning is an approach that accommodates and supports accessible learning strategies, and, when done well, results in improved student engagement. With Dynamics 365, educators can create profiles that keep them up to date on student progress, individual strengths, goals, due dates, and more. This helps them make meaningful decisions to impact learning positively and gives students greater accountability regarding their progress.  

Schools can gain insights into student data and analytics with Dynamics 365, allowing educators to improve student learning and personalise student journeys. With personalised student profiles, student portals, case requests and ticketing management, and knowledge base for efficient self-service, the Microsoft Dynamics solution gives educators the necessary tools required to improve learning experiences and maintain student engagement. This includes the ability to:  

  • Build Inclusive Learning Experiences to drive improved student-outcomes based on personalised learning experiences. With accessible, streamlined tools that promote growth and collaboration, students have the opportunity to participate in their own journey and track their progress and tasks more closely.  
  • Prepare for Student Growth by delivering data-driven, individualised instructions to build skills, express ideas, and inspire learning beyond graduation.  

 Dynamics 365 for Education 

With increased pressure to deliver more meaningful student experiences, Dynamics 365 gives Higher Education Intuitions a platform that they can leverage for ongoing, significant success. An easy to use, globally reliable, cost-effective solution – personalised student journeys are made easy with Dynamics 365.  

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