People and traffic analysis on wireless networks

September 14, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

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Open, accessible, and efficient wireless networks often act as a platform for success for many corporations. Providing easier integration and flexibility, these networks allow companies to better access the ever-evolving tech-savvy world of modern business.

However, when it comes to managing secure information on wireless networks, there is much to be done. One thing companies can do is ensure their data, and corporate integrity is to secure, monitor, and analyse their wireless access and traffic.

Wireless Traffic Visualisation for Planning Insight

Wireless communication has very much changed how we interact with organisations, both internally and externally. It has improved communication and efficiency in workplaces and introduced new ways to perform business tasks and analyse data. However, much of a company’s traffic, people, and information is now on these wireless networks. From visitors to staff, management, and everyone across integrated departments – systems can have a multitude of individuals and teams coming in and out on a daily basis.

Traffic analysis of wireless networks provides businesses with planning insights. The information garnered from analysis offers information regarding ‘who, what, when and where,’ allowing companies to understand better how their networks are used. This includes peak times, operational attributes, and even the level of access utilised across the system. In turn, companies can use this information to enhance their security, monitor access, strategise and plan the integration and improvement of their wireless systems. 

Also, most wireless networks are not confined to a single location. If a company shares an office with another business, then they may be able to see each other’s networks. Passwords and wireless security mitigate some risk associated with the ‘bleeding’ of networks, but there is a lot we can do to ensure that companies are as secure as possible. An unsecured network could lead to piggybacking, hacking, and the leaking of secure information for your business. Countermeasures need to be put in place to accentuate signal boundaries for companies, and network controls should be established and maintained to increase security further.

Wireless management
One of the best things a business can do to monitor their wireless traffic is set up network control and authentication access. Network security controls protect systems from unauthorised access, ensuring secure data transmission and reliable monitoring. Authentication also allows businesses to track the addresses and logins of those requesting and utilising access to their wireless networks. Secure logins, login codes, and reliable monitoring further enhance this process. You can also employ extensible authentication protocol devices that require authentication by an authentication server via a challenge-response process.

Many companies will also use an encryption method for their wireless networks. This sees transmitted information protected and keeps wireless traffic disguised from potential attacks. Protection for wireless traffic, however, does not begin and end at the router. Many mobile devices can connect back to businesses, and as a result, companies should look at implementing Virtual Private Networks to secure any information that is transmitted across these channels. This also enables point-to-point encryption, even over unsecured networks.

The final frontier for wireless traffic security is administration. Due diligence is required to ensure that a company’s network security is maintained and in place. A regular review of wireless access logs and regular environmental scans could help detect unwanted access points and identify anyone trying to connect to your networks without authorisation.

With the appropriate measures, wireless networks can act as a secure, integral means toward business success. Discover more about MOQdigital’s Managed Services and Cyber Security, and contact us to learn how your business can be better today.