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February 5, 2020

What's the difference between App-oriented and Device security?

As far as information security is concerned, there are multiple layers which can be exploited. The lower...

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February 4, 2020

Application Modernisation and Identity Management for Seqwater

Geographically diverse organizations with field staff that need to travel between locations typically have...

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January 30, 2020

Using ASP.NET Core. Run an ASP.NET core application inside a Kubernetes Pod

Get started with Kubernetes by running an ASP.NET core application inside a Kubernetes Pod.

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January 29, 2020

Do you really know what Microsoft 365 is?

At Microsoft Ignite in mid-2017, Microsoft announced Microsoft 365. Given the prevalence of terms like...

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January 28, 2020

Meet the Team: Trudy Jayasinghe

Trudy Jayasinghe is MOQdigital's Transition Manager, taking overall project ownership of onboarding new...

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January 24, 2020

Modernise your applications without breaking the business

Many organisations struggle with legacy applications that inhibit business agility and prevent them from...

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January 14, 2020

Dynamics 365 for Finance Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing how intelligent businesses operate by unifying their CRM and ERP...

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