Microsoft Trainee Induction with Eliza Greenwood

October 15, 2019, Eliza Greenwood

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MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (23)On September the 23rd, I had the opportunity with two other trainees, Alec and Taha, to fly with MEGT to Adelaide for the Microsoft Trainee Induction for the Adelaide trainees. After touching down in Adelaide, I headed off to visit the new trainees at our induction. The induction was at the TAFE of Adelaide, and there were many friendly faces.

I met some trainees, and they were all lovely people from diverse backgrounds. It was great to see the diversity in the Sydney Traineeship group. It’s interesting to meet and learn people’s background and work experience. One of the Trainees in my cohort had not previously worked in IT but had a wealth of experience with customer service and a drive to try a new career path. On the other hand, another Trainee in my cohort had plenty of experience with Microsoft Technologies Associate exams as well as Windows Server experience, therefore decided to apply for the position.

All the trainees were starting their journey, just like I was in at the beginning of the year, and they seemed a little unsure and nervous! However, I see the nerves as a positive thing. It means they’re excited to begin their new journey into IT – a journey that I am lucky to be with MOQdigital on. The company facilitates my ever-growing interest in this industry and has allowed me to flourish in areas I am truly passionate about.

The reason I chose to apply for the Microsoft Traineeship was because I have always had an interest in computer technology. My dad had taught me various things over my childhood, as he works in IT, and it was a natural path to follow. When I studied IT in high school for two years and completed 60 hours of work experience, I unexpectedly decided this is definitely the career path I want to take. When the email notification for this Traineeship appeared, I applied for it immediately!

At the induction, I had met with many directors and managers of a wide range of companies such as TAFE South Australia, St Patrick’s School Adelaide, Datacom and Microsoft. It was great to look up to the professionals who have been in the workforce for many years and see how they interact professionally as I hope to learn from their exceptional skills in business. These skills are essential for success in a modern market as they involved teaching us how to adapt to the digital solutions of today – and how to shape them to benefit life and business tomorrow.

In the Microsoft Traineeship Induction, we went through a series of slideshows discussing relevant topics for the IT industry. For example, what a growth mindset, why it is vital to keep learning new skills, keeping your mind fresh, and the importance of asking questions when unsure. After the slideshows, we headed to the Adelaide Microsoft building and were asked questions on a panel to answer about the Traineeship. Although I was nervous, I tried to stay calm during public speaking. The other Sydney Trainees on the panel did an excellent job of explaining their experience, and it was great to be able to inform the other Trainees.

MOQ’s partnership with Microsoft has given me the great opportunity of being placed in an organisation with friendly people, a great company culture, and many opportunities to learn! I have been consistently motivated by MOQ’s team to continue learning and asking questions about IT. MOQ has put in a great support system for me, which I am very appreciative of. I am excited to see what the next year with MOQ and Microsoft will bring for the Microsoft Trainees and me.

- Written by: Eliza Greenwood, MOQdigital Microsoft Trainee

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