Microsoft Teams Integration Features - Applications

July 16, 2020, MOQdigital


Microsoft Teams is hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, built with a focus on communicating more effectively and working together in a secure and customisable workspace. Getting the most out of your Microsoft Teams environment is important to ensure the success of its adoption into your school or universityThere are many options when it comes to customising and extending your Teams environment to suit your institution. Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate existing applications from Microsoft partners, but it also allows you to add your own custom applications.  


There are a multitude of applications that integrate into the Microsoft Teams platform that can benefit you and your student’s Teams’ experience. For example, a Request-a-Team Application which provides a framework that automates the team creation process based on core features and channel options. This Application allows for a faster response time for team requests and offers a wealth of personalisation options for institutions to implement repeatable best practices on team collaboration.  


There is also an Incentives Application, a Teams PowerApps template that is designed to incentivise and track participation in training. This application is based on a system of rewarding success and effort, which is great for students who are completing work or training.   Another great application for education is the Attendance application. A Power Apps tab that can be pinned to a team. It is designed to record presence, typically in learning and training environments. Students can mark or edit attendance up to 30 days in the past. Teachers can also produce reports for entire classes or individual students to check in on student attendance.  


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