Microsoft Education and Artificial Intelligence

October 16, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


MOQDIGITAL September (new size) (24)Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant benefits when it comes to helping educators solve some of the challenges associated with modern learning. The possibilities, such as those shown with advancements in Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence, are exciting and are essential for the growth of student success in a digitally-driven era. Microsoft Education has been highlighting the benefits of AI for several years, with attention to AI increasing in recent months. It was even noted that artificial intelligence would contribute over $5 trillion in GDP growth over the coming years, and can assist in keeping infrastructure secure, agile, and productive or years to come. 

New from Microsoft

In Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence news, new Microsoft patents aim to utilise AI systems. The Microsoft Australia education team is hosting a series titled “Artificial Intelligence in Education” to explore this and takes the time to explore how new digital technologies contribute to meaningful, ongoing student success. Many of these conversations introduce the fundamental aspects of AI and how it might affect education – especially when it comes to the relevance of technology in higher education. 

New Learning

Artificial Intelligence takes advantage of student-driven learning, helping automate growth and learning to aid teachers in delivering more student-centric care and more relevant experiences to ensure that the class of 2030 thrives. 

From solutions that work with students, to systems that transform how teachers and classes engage with information, track progress, and pursue opportunities for improvement – AI is truly transforming how learning occurs, and what can be expected from learning in the future. 

Beyond traditional learning, Artificial Intelligence helps students learn and grow the skills needed to thrive in a Future Workplace. This includes encouraging innovative, creative learning – such as those pursued through the Microsoft-Ashoka Accelerator. The program is designed to foster start-ups that take advantage of cloud computing and AI to take on social and environmental issues around the world. 

A New Age of Education

Educators need to realise that the world is filled with students who desire to thrive in a modern era – but who require the tools and teaching needed to do so. Mentors and teachers who can provide them with the guidance they need to thrive will help contribute toward an ever-growing class of responsible digital citizens set to succeed in a technologically driven age. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Microsoft AI podcast, you can listen on their official website. To further your insight into education in a digital era, or to find out how to make the most of the digital investments in your school, contact MOQdigital today