Microsoft 365 and Cost Savings in Education

July 31, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


Copy of Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (1)In 2018, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that examined the potential return on investment that schools might realise if they deployed education initiatives with Microsoft 365. The study showcased the benefits of Microsoft 365 and Cost Savings in Education, which also worked to improve student outcomes and teacher efforts. The School Solution
The results, published in ‘The Economic Impact of Microsoft 365 on Education’, aimed to provide readers with a better understanding of the benefits schools could obtain by deploying Microsoft solutions in schools, specifically cloud-based services through Microsoft 365. Over 60,000 students were involved in the study, alongside 5,500 teachers, with the primary aim being to measure not only the economic benefit of deployment but also how these solutions might improve student outcomes.

Learning Benefits
One of the most important findings from the study was that, by putting devices equipped with Microsoft 365 into student’s hands, engagement went up and teachers felt more capable when it came to teaching 21st-century skills. All participants interviewed reported that the Microsoft 365 solution allowed for increased student engagement and that the anywhere/anytime capability of the cloud service meant that students were accessing their work more frequently.

Cost Savings in Education
Microsoft 365 and Cost Savings in Education were key findings in the study, showcasing how Microsoft Solutions can improve IT and operational costs throughout an organisation. Device set up time was reduced by 84%, and the solution enabled automation and the streamlining of admin tasks which freed up a significant amount of teaching time. In fact, for the 5,500 teachers studied, over 1.18 million hours were saved per year with Microsoft, creating a total cost saving over three years of over $17.6 million. As the saying goes – time is money!
There were also significant savings when it came to IT costs, as Microsoft 365 is both cost predictable and effective. Only faculty and staff had to pay for membership, with it being free for students, and a cloud solution significantly reduces IT costs and effort across entire educational organisations. The total IT savings over three years was $5.38 million.
Students being able to access Office 365 for free is also a great benefit for educators, as it ensures that the solution is accessible throughout every classroom on campus. Alongside improved accessibility, educators benefit from savings associated with reduced device set up, security remediation events, and subscriptions, totalling a saving of $13.52 million over three years.
According to Forrester, the value benefits over three years equate to approximately $36.5 million, while device purchasing and set up costs only end up at $18.7 million. This adds up to a present value of $17.8 million, and a 95% return on interest.

In Summary
The study presented important insights regarding Microsoft 365 and Cost Savings in Education; not only does Microsoft 365 enable better learning in a digital age, but it also allows for considerable cost reduction.
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