Meet The Team: Shaun Moran

June 30, 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team

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Meet Shaun Moran, our Principal Consultant for the Digital and Technology Stream within MOQdigital’s Consulting Services Group.

In his role, he provides external expert opinions to determine the best path for customers moving forward with Digital Technology to achieve business goals. Shaun helps customers with Strategic Roadmaps, Technology Architecture and Digital Transformation planning.  

 Shaun has been part of the MOQdigital team for 15 years now, which according to him “feels like a lifetime ago”. His previous role was leading a security group for Dimension Data Queensland, where he worked alongside our CEO Joe D’Addio for 9 years. Shaun is a big believer of trying to find ways to make people’s lives easier, not harder. He says “Sometimes people get all wrapped up in the technology and don’t focus enough on what does this mean for the end user. Technology used correctly can be a fantastic tool to remove a lot of the boring, repetitive, and manual tasks in people’s jobs. Used incorrectly, it can just create more problems.” Shaun’s great outlook and passion for technology is the reason Joe can’t get rid of him!  

 We asked Shaun what he enjoyed most about working at MOQdigital, and he says “besides the fact that I work with a really great bunch of people, probably the thing I enjoy most is the variety of work”. He goes on to say that due to the wide variety of clients in different vertical areas, every day is different for him, and each client has their own unique challenge. These challenges are what keeps Shaun wanting more and more. Shaun is a very talented man, and his skill set is unique. We can always count on Shaun for information on technology, and when we hold internal trivia nights, Shaun is a force to be reckoned with. 

Outside of work, Shaun has many hobbies, including weight sessions at the gym, exploring his new suburb in the inner city and travelling around the world. Shaun is a great man with a wide range of skills that are vital to the Consulting Team, and we are lucky to have him. We are keen to see what the next 15 years bring Shaun!