Meet The Team: Nigel Rodrigo

June 17, 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team

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Meet Nigel, MOQdigital's Business and Data Analyst for Operational Services. Nigel has a knack for interpreting raw and often complicated data, simplifying it into easy-to- read components. Nigel is our go-to person when you need to provide efficient solutions to issues and problems. His primary roles are managing and developing the Operational Platforms, providing Power BI Solutions and improving processes using the Microsoft Power Platform.  

Nigel ensures the platforms used by the Operational Services teams are at the optimal level. He spends time working on Power BI developing solutions for the stakeholders to get a better view of critical metrics and to ensure the teams are working efficiently. 

Before joining MOQdigital Nigel was an Implementation Engineer for a human resource solutions company. He was responsible for requirement gathering, implementation and configuration, training users, user acceptance testing and report development. The experience he gained was key to the skills that sparked his interest in data and software. 

Nigel is passionate about Data, Software and Technology. He believes every day is an opportunity to learn something new to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech industry. He also enjoys sharing knowledge and developing skills. Adding to the list of things Nigel's passionate about, he said, " I'm a  big Nissan Skyline fan and a Samsung advocate, too”. When asked what he enjoys most about working at MOQdigital, Nigel said, "I love the work hours. It gives me more time to focus on myself. I am in a position where I get to work closely with both Operational Service teams, in Australia and Sri Lanka. With my Manager based in Australia, being in lock-down and working from home during COVID-19 has not impacted my workflow." 

Outside of work Nigel enjoys sports like badminton and swimming. He's also an avid reader and loves spending time on Reddit, Youtube and Nextflix. A lifelong learner who thrives in the face of challenge, Nigel is integral to our customer experiences – and a valuable part of the MOQdigital community.