Meet The Team: Matt Blinkhoff

July 21, 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team

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Meet Matt Blinkhoff, lovingly known as “Blinky” around the office. Blinky is one of our Business Development Managersworking mainly with our Education customers in Queensland. He's a busy man, interacting with as many customers and vendors as possible to strengthen their relationships. Couple this with supporting our pre-sales, delivery and back office teams, mix it all in with lots of coffee (or green tea), meetings and a few beers over lunch, and you pretty much have a snapshot of Blinky’s day! 


Prior to joining MOQdigital back in 2011, Blinky was actually ‘on the tools’ as a customer.  He led the Infrastructure Team at SunWater, who were one of the very first customers of Technology Effect (now MOQdigital). It was in this role that Blinky was first introduced to Joe, Scott and Matt Goggin, who eventually convinced him to jump ship! And boy are we glad Blinky was easily convinced! 

Blinky has shared with us that he’s very passionate about helping others and making a difference in their lives, whether it be personally or professionally. This passion is very evident in Matt’s work and interactions with colleagues. He is a team player; you can always rely on Blinky as hes the first to put his hand up and help. Outside of work, he’s a dedicated family man, he is married to his amazing wife Jane and is father to three little legends. He also loves anything sports related, especially when either rugby or cricket is involved!  


After being with the MOQdigital team nearly 10 years, we asked Blinky what he enjoys most about working at MOQdigital. Matt said that “without a second thought, the amazing team I’m lucky to work alongside. I’m fortunate to have visited most of our offices, including Colombo, and have made some very special and lifelong friendships along the way”. He goes on to say that he is proud of the culture we have all contributed to at MOQdigital. He also said, “it’s safe to say I’ve never worked at an organisation where the CEO has been asked if he was wearing pants on an all staff conference call!”.   


We are all grateful that all those years back Blinky was convinced to move to MOQdigital, he’s a great team player and is integral to the MOQdigital team. We cant wait to see him celebrate 10 years with us next year, a great feat, congratulations.