Meet the team: Jason Muir

May 7, 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team

jason muir

Keeping MOQdigital’s office and IT operations organised is not an easy feat. However, Jason Muir, our IT Operations Manager and Facilities Manager is always up to the task. He’s our go-to guy, doing everything and anything in our offices. In a nutshell, his job is to make sure our offices, systems and infrastructure is operational for the business. You can find him running around the office on any given day and any given time looking after a massive range of things from Azure and M365, to servers, comms, security, PC’s and laptops to light bulbs, fridges, coffee machines and anything in-between. Jason has been an integral piece of MOQdigital day to day life for the last 10 years. Prior to this, he was an IT Manager for Krome Studios, a national computer game developer based in Brisbane. In fact, they were the largest 3rd party computer developer in the world at a time before the GFC hit and the industry changed. He worked with many industry heavy weights including EA, Lucasarts, Sega and Microsoft to name a few. Jason says, “it was a pretty interesting time back then and I have quite a few cool and interesting stories”.  

When we asked Jason what he was passionate about, his answer was: Quality. Jason says “I am passionate about quality decisions, quality outcomes, quality relationships and quality products”. He really appreciates things that have been considered and that exude the passion and care about its creator. Things like great industrial design, something made by an artesian or something homemade. Jason is also passionate about solving problems. He says “I enjoy problem solving, whether it’s improving a way of doing things or finding a solution to a problem I am faced with”. Jason’s passion for quality and problem-solving permeates everything Jason touches at MOQdigital. He takes great pride and passion in all our devices, facilities and systems, and we are lucky to have someone who cares so much.

We asked him what he enjoys most about working at MOQdigital and he said the genuine long-term friendships he has built over the past 10 years has been a key factor. He also says he enjoys the extraordinary ability of the business to adapt to adverse conditions to continue to service our clients without skipping a beat. For example, MOQdigital has adapted and overcome the Colombo terrorist attacks, the bushfires earlier in the year and now COVID-19. Outside of work Jason has many hobbies, they include photography, travel, music, audio equipment and electronics. Jason has shown us his photography work before and we must say, he has an eye for good shots.

Jason is vital to MOQdigital’s day to day existence. As our silent guardian, he works quietly in the background making sure everything is working. Sometimes its easy to forget that the working systems, internet and light bulbs don’t just magically work by themselves, that there’s someone behind them, and were lucky to have Jason doing that.