Meet the Team: Federica Berti

June 12, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Meet the Team

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As MOQdigital’s Business Support Manager, Federica Berti is an integral part of the MOQdigital team. Based at our Sydney Office, she has been with MOQdigital for over three years. Originally from Italy, her background includes office management and secretarial support, and she has spent over ten years specialising in administration. Federica helps MOQdigital by doing the tasks we could not pursue success without, such as managing our company travel, assisting with daily operations, supporting management, organising events, and providing executive assistance. She also helps facilitate the MOQdigital environment, bringing vitality to our business and ensuring that everyone is having a good time. Federica’s work goes above and beyond supporting the company, with her personality and passion helping ensure that everything is both organised and comfortable across the office.

Federica notes that no one at MOQdigital feels out of place – everyone has a role to play, but everyone also feels like part of a family. Operating over multiple time zones and new offices, it was always important that everyone stayed together and that we continued to operate as a team. Federica enables us to do this by encouraging a community feeling across our offices and is active in establishing and maintaining healthy work environments. Everyone here knows that if you need help in the office, you ‘ask for Fede’. She is our go-to person – taking the role of not just Business Support Manager, but also a friend, colleague, travel consultant, event organiser, assistant, and so much more.  Companies often make the mistake of not seeing administration as fundamental for businesses. However, we understand the need for good support, and there is always something missing in an organisation when you don’t have a person to provide that. Federica brings life and heart to our office. She takes care of the basics and behind the scenes tasks, and is always working to make sure that things are happening for us. She understands that our teams work best when they’re happy, and has helped us with this endeavour in an exceptional way by ensuring that we can work hard and feel good at the same time. While we help you, Federica is helping us.

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