Meet the Team: Dilshan Sallay

February 19, 2020, MOQdigital

Meet the Team

Dilshan Sallay - white

We recently sat down with Dilshan Sallay, MOQdigital's Virtual Teams Manager based in Colombo, Sri Lanka to find out a little more about Dilshan's role, passion and hobbies. 

What is your role at MOQdigital, and what does a standard day involve for you?

I am the Manager Virtual Teams at MOQdigital. My main role is the upkeep and development of the Virtual Teams model. This includes maintaining the healthy standards we continue to keep with our one client in the Virtual Teams model and also working a lot with Glenn Scown (General Manager - Operational Services) in putting the foundation to expand this model with more clients. In addition to that, I also am a line manager role for the ADA Colombo Team, Operational Services optimisation and the Service Delivery teams. This entails a lot of ongoing conversations with the relevant staff to ensure they have everything they need to get their job done. While my first part of the role is more strategic, sales, client delivery and revenue related my second part is more towards people management. Overall, my day involves ensuring client delivery standards are met, planning and strategizing around client and revenue increase and constant communication with my team staff.

What was your last role before you came to MOQdigital? 

Before I was the Virtual Teams Manager, I was part of the Service Desk, where I managed Service Desk for 2 years . It was a very operational focused role that gave me a broad understanding of operational management and people management. I originally began with MOQdigital as a Systems Engineer in Service Desk in 2013.

What are you passionate about?

In my professional life I am very passionate about high standards of client delivery and satisfaction. I am also very passionate about staff development and constant learning. In my personal life I am very passionate about helping the less fortunate, providing children education and educating people around sexual violence/ gender discrimination.

What do you most enjoy about working at MOQdigital?

I really enjoy the people I work with as we all support and understand each other. I also really enjoy the culture  in our workplace. Everyone is honest with each other, we have each others backs and we're all happy to help out and give constructive criticism where needed.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work? 

I am a huge Manchester United fan so watching a football game is always a must. Spending time with friends and family. I have a 1 year old daughter so spending time with her and my wife is a big part of my days off. I also enjoy travelling and reading.