Meet the Team: Courtney Haley

May 24, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Meet the Team

CourtneyBannerCourtney Haley has been with MOQdigital since August 2017 and is one of our invaluable Data Analysts. However, data analysis was not where Courtney started – her journey began with an electrical engineering degree where she did extensive work with machine learning, predictive modelling, and forecasting. It was here that Courtney discovered a talent for data and prediction. She ended up pursuing data science, which led her to MOQdigital while still at university.

Her primary role with us involves a lot of Power BI. Power BI is a tool that allows for better data management and visualisation. A front-end tool that makes information more accessible for users who don’t have the time to delve deeply into the technical side of data; business leaders and companies who are time poor. This visual approach gives organisations the opportunity to understand their insights and take leveragable action on them. Courtney has an exceptional skill for enabling this with our clients, working hard to understand not only where they’re at – but also where they need to go. Because a lot of her learning was software related, she can help across a variety of projects. There is a lot of coding in her work, and having those skills have been integral to her growth and success.

Courtney is active on a number of projects with MOQdigital, especially with schools. This might involve tracking student learning experiences, wellbeing, and much more. She involves herself with IT teams and COOs, running workshops to help kick off projects and give our clients a great experience – and the tools they need for success. In fact, this face-to-face interaction helps drive Courtney as she works. Her relationship with people helps elevate projects, and her communication skills with clients are second to none.

On top of delivering exceptional experiences across our community, Courtney says she has grown since joining our team. “I enjoy learning new technologies. Power BI is capable of integrating with so many things, and we can connect to so many different sources of data.” She has been gaining experience and developing her skills within our office. She has watched our team grow and develop broader skill sets and enjoys being thrown in the deep end.

A fast learner who thrives in the face of challenge, Courtney is integral to our customer experiences – and a valuable part of the MOQdigital community.