Meet the Team: Chris Hindes

June 12, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

Meet the Team

MOQdigital JUNE

Chris Hindes celebrates his thirteen-year anniversary with MOQdigital this month and has been an integral part of our team from the start. As our Managed Services Architect, Chris is responsible for designing and architecting policies and platforms for the tools and procedures that we utilise across our Managed Services Department. His efforts help keep us running – and allow us to provide excellent Service First Solutions to every client every time.  In fact, Chris was one of the first people to recognise a need for Managed Services with MOQdigital. Initially, joined us as a Professional Services and a Project Engineer, before seeing a need for Managed Service Infrastructure in the market. Chris pursued this and helped bring MOQdigital’s Service First Solutions to life. “If you see something you can improve upon, the door is always open – right up to the CEO. They listen if you have something to offer.” MOQdigital recognises where people’s talents lie and are dedicated to fostering their abilities and developing them in areas they are naturally drawn to. His offerings have helped us establish exemplary Managed Service Solutions, and allowed us to deliver services across the globe with clients including TOGA Group, The Fred Hollows Foundation, and Danone Nutricia.

Our number one priority is to provide legendary customer service in an efficient and friendly manner, and Chris has been essential to enabling this. Each policy that he helps design and implements helps us not only meet our customer’s needs but to do so in a timely and efficient fashion. This also allows us to help make clients feel like part of the family; going above and beyond with our Managed Services to not just deliver tasks, but to help our customers make the most out of their digital investments.

Chris has also been integral to Managed Services branch in Colombo. He has already visited our team in Sri Lanka three times in the last twelve months, helping them develop and implement tool sets, create new policies and procedures, and deliver ongoing training. Because our Colombo operates with the same methodology as our Australian offices, it is vital for our teams to have similar mindsets and work as a unit – regardless of location. With approachable and focused colleagues, Chris helps us build and maintain relationships that allow everyone at MOQdigital to strive toward providing excellent service every time.

If you want to find out more about MOQdigital’s Managed Service offerings, get in touch with one of our consultants today. Our team, Chris Hindes included, can help you make the most out of your digital investments.