Meet the Team: Asitha Wijeratne

December 17, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Meet the Team

Asitha White

Meet Asitha Wijeratne. He oversees HR, Talent Development and Operations in our Colombo office. Part of a 5-member team, he is the one who helps ensure that processes within the company from - pre-planning to post-completion – are executed effectively and efficiently. From recruitment and resourcing (end-to-end processes), HR, payroll, leave administration letter requirements, insurance communications, technical training, overseas travel, and general administration and operation – Asitha is our go-to in Colombo.

He learned these skills over a number of years in IT and ITES industries, covering software, systems integrations, and support service businesses. Asitha brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to MOQdigital, and has a great understanding of on-the-ground realities in a company. His approach is hands-on over policy-driven, and he has risen in rank and skill as an excellent colleague and essential component of our operations.

Asitha is passionate about Human Resources, as well as People and Culture Empowerment. As he says himself “dealing in the lines of serving people, employees as friends and colleagues while being part and parcel with each one to understand individual needs and personal circumstances, given me much passion to be of help and assistance wherever and whenever I can.” He also believes in the power of a personal touch, and knows that HR is not about rules and regulations – but about helping and facilitating people and requirements within a company framework. It is this people-first approach that we truly value in Asitha, as it allows him to contribute to the community we foster here at MOQdigital – and the supportive environment we aim to grow.

Asitha enjoys working at our Colombo office too. “The people and culture impress me. There is quite a bit of team work and unity, and a trend for supporting each other. Everyone works as a team and takes ownership while working toward common goals.”

When not at work, Asitha likes to drive and spend time with his children and wife. He likes that MOQdigital has given him the freedom to spend time with his family. We thoroughly enjoy fostering Asitha’s growth in the office and out of it – just as he does for his colleagues and the MOQdigital community.