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December 6, 2018, MOQdigital Marketing

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IT is the cornerstone of a digital market. Companies are actively working to transform their IT environments to enable more productive, agile environments that are smarter than ever before. However, these transformations come at a cost – and it is imperative that companies employ the right solution for them. If they don’t, they risk wasting valuable time and money and products and solutions that don’t fit their strategy.


IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) offers a simple solution for a modern market, delivering the power of choice and helping ensure that businesses are paying only for what they use and what is needed to develop future success for their operations.  With IT-as-a-Service, corporate IT can function as an integral part of the business; a central, controlled point where operations can be well orchestrated, and requests, supports, and final outcomes monitored and managed efficiently and productively. ITaaS aims to provide choice and power; however, moving to an as-a-service model takes some work, and involves collaboration between external partners and internal teams. Organisations looking to move to as-a-service solutions need to have a well-defined roadmap in order to make the most out of their digital investments. Some things to consider when looking at ITaaS are:

  • Existing infrastructure: Companies need to examine the infrastructure that they have in place and organise their new solutions around relevant business operations, employing and deploying services that work with and contribute to what they already have, as well as considering what new infrastructure might be appropriate moving forward.
  • Cost of Services: as-a-Service models allows companies to pay-as-they-go, working on a consumption basis that provides greater control over expenditure. Companies need to understand their budget and their needs and approach their ITaaS appropriately moving forward.
  • Users: IT exists to enable users and to serve business objectives better. Organisations considering ITaaS should understand how their users are engaging with their services now, and how they hope new solutions will improve this experience moving forward. 


Applying IT service-oriented models is not easy and requires an effective roadmap and strategy moving forward. CIO-as-a-Service solutions can help companies looking to make the most out of their IT investments. CIO-as-a-Service (CIOaas) is an as-a-Service solution that aims to balance the efforts between internal management and external IT providers. It offers the skills of a CIO on demand, helping companies sort out their IT with improved management, insight, and streamlined service. CIOaaS can be required for several reasons, such as the growth of existing teams, increased demand, a desire to elevate strategic capabilities, a need for improved IT infrastructure, requirements regarding compliance, a greater understanding of digital investments, and much more.

CIO-as-a-Service provides effective high-level IT management over IT service contracts and allows for improved access to technical solutions, support, and technology, assisting companies in four distinct ways:

  1. To provide companies with ongoing CIO-level advice
  2. To make recommendations that support executive IT resources, as well as internal IT operations
  3. To deliver oversight for IT strategies and service solutions
  4. To support strategy and decision making

Technology is now critical for every business, and companies need to learn how to manage and make the most out of their digital investments. If you are interested in finding out more about how to get what you need, when you need it from your IT solutions – contact MOQdigital. Our outside-in approach to Operational IT helps companies overcome the challenges associated with supporting a digital environment.