IoT Awareness: Pre-Empting Issues

September 1, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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Remote monitoring is multifaceted, and getting ahead of issues can be difficult. Creating safe and managed work environments for high value assets and remote work forces relies on awareness and the ability to pre-empt issues. Thankfully, IoT helps avoid production interruptions and achieve operational success, allowing businesses to get ahead of safety concerns and connecting enterprises with a real-time understanding of safety, compliance, abnormalities, and trends.

Pre-empting Disaster

IoT can pre-empt disasters and dangerous situations before they occur, and help reduce the damage of a crisis should one become an eventuality. One of the purposes of IoT for remote monitoring is to keep people safe and machines productive. The way this is done is through connectivity and real-time data, as well as appropriate monitoring. Monitoring is managed via sensors and wearable devices, such as those found in Smart Watches and fitness bands. Wearers with these IoT devices can have their location noted in real-time and can have personal data relayed to the relevant dashboards. This data can include heart rate, stress levels, body temperature, environmental temperature, and even the level of oxygenation. Having this information then allows a company, and IoT to record trends, as well as put policies and alerts in place should a wearer end up in a dangerous area, or encounter a situation whereby they require assistance or immediate aid.  

Not only does this help reduce the risk of injury, but it also increases employee awareness and improves operations. Employers and supervisors will become aware of issues faster allowing individuals to respond to their own concerns and be able to react to operational sensors to help improve overall safety. The Internet of Things provides businesses with the means to protect and facilitate the wellbeing of those in their care. Not only can data be managed and viewed in an integrated dashboard environment, but these insights can be viewed in real-time to make real-time adjustments, and insight trends can be utilised to remotely improve performance and safety, as well as monitor care and measure physical asset security.

 Staying Ahead

From asset security, machine processes, sensor updates, individual health and well-being, team monitoring, and everything in between, being able to predict and prevent a crisis is the key to safety. There are many aspects of remote monitoring and protection that businesses need to consider, and understanding what a particular department, company, and even individual needs is a great place to start. To help pre-empt issues, consider the needs and aims of:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Departments
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Area equipment
  • Company policy
  • Safety integration, standards and procedures

One of the best things a business can do is keep people safe and machines productive. The only way to do this is to understand safety, people, and productivity. Companies can succeed in this by addressing their needs on a level by level basis, and utilising data from IoT devices with critical communication platforms to increase safety, awareness, and accountability.


Get your finger on the pulse. Pre-empt issues in your business with IoT and MOQdigital. Ask us how to improve safety and set your company on the route to secure success today.