Improving Visibility

September 1, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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Effectively utilising equipment and operations helps build better Industry business. Unfortunately, many analysis dashboards and strategies are unable to see the big picture, a shortcoming that ultimately costs them more and sees them doing less. Visibility is improved with Industrial IoT and predictive maintenance, a step in the right direction that promotes corporate transparency, as well as increases productivity and efficiency across the board.

A single view
Predictive maintenance helps companies a single view of operations. With data pouring in from multiple sources, Industrial businesses can struggle to stay on top of their insights. Implementing an appropriate Industrial IoT dashboard allows companies to view and manage their systems better, and in turn, provide, schedule, and monitor maintenance and support in real-time. One of the main challenges of predictive monitoring is to provide solutions that not only enable productivity but enhance it as well. This is done by increasing visibility across data portals, improving transparency not only for moderators but also for those operating within the system. For example, with appropriate access, maintenance teams are better able to tend to machines and assets and have a greater understanding of their scheduled service. Supervisors are then able to see how maintenance has been working, and develop strategies based on data patterns to improve their productivity and safety. The next level up sees these trends analysed for managers, enabling the development of better departments, more productive teams, and more cost-effective operations.
Predictive maintenance also allows for greater visibility into:

  • Asset optimisation for better availability
  • Better asset utilisation and performance
  • Prediction of asset failures
  • Optimisation of supply quality and process

It also helps remove the guesswork from decision-making, enabling companies to visualise issues and work quickly to execute recommended strategies and maximise organisational returns.

Improved collaboration
Predictive maintenance allows for consistent data retrieval. This data could come from a single site, or from equipment and assets located across the country, even around the world. Being able to collect data in real-time allows businesses to unify their operations, increasing collaboration across the organisation. By transitioning to predictive maintenance and Industrial IoT, businesses will have access to new digital options and greater opportunities to communicate between teams, equipment, and departments. Furthermore, increased visibility allows for supply chain optimisation, as well as connection between products, performance monitoring, and advancement from traditional maintenance practices. This helps companies pursue more modern, cost-effective strategies and succeed in a modern business environment.

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