Have the conversation around flexible working

March 19, 2020, MOQdigital Marketing

With the world’s largest working from home trial unfolding as you read this, people everywhere are rethinking and reevaluating how they work and wondering if this can be their new normal. Being a company born in the IT industry, flexible working is something that MOQdigital has always had at the forefront of its strategy. The ability to engage our staff from anywhere in the world and equip them with the facilities to do their job is something that had allowed us to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

 While the feedback we have received from our own staff about working remotely has been positive we understand that some companies face certain challenges when engaging their staff remotely. MOQdigital are here to help with a number of collaboration assessment workshops designed to understand your business and roadmap the next steps on the path to a rich and flexible working environment.

 If you have a business that allows your staff to work remotely and are not already embracing flexible working, we challenge you to have the conversation with your leadership team around the inherit benefits of engagement and productivity that this can bring to your organisation.

 We have found that our staff are more effective in managing their time and are practicing better work life balance. Now that more and more businesses are gearing up for flexible working, why not change the way you and your workplace approach the office?

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