Four Hidden Features of Cisco Webex

July 2, 2020, MOQdigital

motivation 3If you’ve made enough conference calls, you probably get the gist of Cisco Webex. You set up a conference bridge, share your screen, give a presentation, collaborate – simple as that, right? Cisco Webex is designed for ease-of-use that makes it great to pick up and learn, but there are also more advanced options for power users that will help you step up your game. 

  1. Intelligent Device Pairing

Let’s say that you’re making a call in a conference room powered by Cisco Webex. You’ve also got the Webex application on your phone or laptop. What this means is that you can automatically pair your devices with the room’s conference equipment using ultrasonic soundwaves, allowing you to dial in, answer calls, start meetings, and share your screen – right from your laptop or smartphone. 

  1. AI Capabilities

The AI capabilities of Cisco Webex help make calls more enjoyable and more productive. Starting in 2020, Webex users became able to use AI for automated transcription, to create action items following a conference call, to recognise faces and tag conference participants, and to control the meeting using voice commands. In all, Cisco has seen users save up to six hours per week based on the convenience and flexibility of Cisco Webex and its AI features. 

  1. Workplace Collaboration

You may currently use Webex mostly to talk with vendors, partners, and branch offices – but what about your own colleagues? Cisco Webex now comes bundled with a full-stack collaboration suite known as Cisco Webex Teams. This feature lets you chat, share files, and communicate with your co-workers using both voice and video – all while featuring seamless integration with the flagship Cisco Webex product. 

  1. Flexible Cloud Transition Options

Nearly every company has a different telephony setup – from pure cloud to hybrid cloud to private cloud. What’s more, it’s common to find different IT infrastructure within different branches of the same organisation. In order to communicate effectively, you need a communication solution that can adapt to whatever setup you prefer. Cisco Webex will run flawlessly on almost any infrastructure platform, allowing you to make calls and collaborate without undergoing a costly rip-and-replace. 

Here at MOQdigital, we’re dedicated to helping our partners communicate and collaborate using the best tools technology can offer. That’s why we’re proud to support Cisco Webex, one of the world’s premiere calling and video conferencing platforms. For more information on how we can get you set up, contact MOQdigital today