Finding motivation when working from home

April 30, 2020, Kelly Wilkes

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The COVID-19 pandemic has singlehandedly changed the landscape of our economy. From many non-essential businesses closing to people leaving their homes as little as possible, if at all.


Humans are social creatures. Despite technology evolving to a point where we are more connected than ever before, we have never been more alone.  For some of us, working from home isn’t new, and there are some upsides, from saving time and money on the commute to being able to keep a more flexible schedule. However, there are downsides. You might find yourself working longer and taking less breaks because you lose track of time, and more commonly, lose the motivation to get down to work. If you find yourself in a situation like this, fret not! This 3-part blog series aims to equip you with a few things to better find the drive you need! This isn’t a handy checklist of things you can or should do as there are already many dime-a-dozen lists out on the internet about tiny things you can do to, touting points like taking frequent breaks, having a dedicated workspace or sticking to a proper schedule. Before you get down to these things, there are a few things you should do first.


The first thing to do is identify your purpose. Kelly Wilkes, Head of People and Culture at MOQdigital, notes the following: “Motivation is tied to finding our own purpose, whether independently or as part of a larger business. It’s important to ask ourselves why we’re in it, how our individual purpose aligns with our company’s purpose, what we contribute to it.” Finding our purpose provides us with a sense of belonging and camaraderie we would not have otherwise.


Once you’ve identified your purpose, it’s easier to implement a daily structure around that purpose to get things done. As Kelly puts it, “Once you’ve identified our purpose, you can then think, what’s your personal scorecard? How can you structure your day so that it meets your purpose and goals? Trying to structure your day without it is like travelling somewhere without knowing where you’re going. Eventually, you’ll get lost.”

Bringing it together

Purpose without structure is just a wish. A structure without purpose is just play. It’s therefore highly important that you bring the two together. A clear purpose and daily structure not only helps you accomplish tasks on time, but more importantly, keeps you motivated. Stay tuned to our blog over the coming weeks as we take you through how identify your purpose, and following that, how to structure your days!

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