Fast Incident Response

September 1, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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For remote workforces and environments, fast incident responses are critical. While companies should be doing what they can to reduce their risk factors, incidents do occur. It is essential that businesses be equipped to respond to a crisis, and IoT integration allows for quick reactions to events and personal health.

 Crisis Response

Organizations cannot always control when or how security breaches occur. However, they can control how they respond to incidents and should be confident in the plans and mechanisms that they have in place to reduce the damage and set them back on the right path. A well-functioning operations centre should form the heart of effective detection and maintenance procedures, and responses should operate according to business and asset priorities.

There are three things all businesses should do regarding incident response:

  1.  Be confident in your mechanisms: Organizations who anticipate and rehearse their reaction to a crisis are those who are prepared to reduce their risk, test their capabilities, and ensure that they are ready for any eventuality.
  2. Prioritize confidentiality: Especially in healthcare, privacy is not just essential, but it is required. Having backups, as well as procedures in place to keep data secure and well-managed helps ensure that patient, practitioner, and employee data is kept where it is needed.
  3. Align objectives: Security and response should be a boardroom issue. Businesses should be putting incident response, management, and preparations on their agenda and ensuring that concerns are discussed frequently. This enables the adoption of innovative solutions to improve awareness, increase security and enable preparedness.

Improved Visibility

IoT provides businesses with secure data sharing, central management, remote monitoring and an integrated dashboard environment, all of which improve visibility and allow for quick reactions to incidents. Improved visibility allows companies to anticipate and adapt according to challenges. To elaborate:

  • Anticipate: This refers to known and unknown threats, as well as the policies and procedures companies need to address them. Anticipation helps companies understand what might happen so that they can then respond.
  • Adapt: Referring to the flexibility of response, adaption allows businesses to react to an incident in the fastest most appropriate manner possible. While a company may have policies and procedures regarding response, they must also be adaptive enough to alter their approach for unexpected, new, or unprecedented issues.

Each of these things is achieved with greater visibility – which IoT services provide. With a good IoT dashboard, not only will companies receive data that helps them anticipate an issue, but they will also have the flexibility and visibility required to react quickly. This fast response helps reduce damage and allows for health, safety, and environmental policies to remain in place.


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