Executive Dashboards

July 20, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Business Insights

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Executive dashboards help us make sense of a data-saturated world. Allowing businesses to make decisions based on fact, and in real time, executive dashboards offer a means to develop strategies and uncover a big-picture view of organisations with insights into critical metrics, expansion opportunities, loopholes, and avenues for success.  

Four tips for great dashboards 

Business insights allow organisations to make the most of their data dashboards.  An executive dashboard is packed with information, here are a few things to consider to get the most from them. 

  1. Customisation: A good dashboard should be customisable, offering features that can be tailored to you and your company. This customisation opens an avenue for team mates and employees as well, paving the way input and modification from all parts of the organisation.  
  2. Compatibility: Your dashboard should also be compatible with the devices in your workplace. This seems simple, but many businesses hit a stumbling block with their executive dashboards when they discover that the service works well on one device, but poorly on another. Having a good user experience across devices, and across infrastructure is paramount. This might mean looking at a cloud-based dashboard or being confident of compatibility with non-web-based software.  
  3. Data: When it comes to data, your business should be mining for the right information to make decisions. Many companies will mine for as much information as they can, but targeted data acquisition is far more accurate and more applicable to business decisions. When looking at your insights, seek to pursue those that meet your important goals and that contribute to your long-term outlook.  Realise also that data can come from multiple locations, not just within your organisation, so look to use analytics from other sources and incorporate them into your dashboard for richer information.  
  4. Users: Consider limiting the number of people who have access to your executive dashboard at one time. This is good for business as it increases the security of your systems and reduces the risk of internal threats. However, you may also encounter dashboard sharing control issues where you could risk sharing too much, or too little, of your data. Private dashboards are great in that they allow only a few people to access individual portals within the system, and collaborate with management in a secure way.   

Benefits of a well-managed dashboard 

A good dashboard can be used to drive better sales, patch areas of concern, boost business success, and improve employee schedules.  The key is ensuring that you can use everything on offer so that you can:  

  • Monitor performance across your organisation  
  • Correlate multiple data sets to identify trends 
  • Improve communications internally and externally  
  • Gain insight into specific department success and routes for improvement 
  • Boost performance via consistent and accurate employee evaluations 
  • Increase profitability by knowing where and when to make improvements 
  • Focus time and energy  

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