Enabling Network Access

October 12, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Business Insights

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Enabling network access for end-users allows businesses to thrive in a modern market. This includes access to data, analysis, insights, and other information relevant to running the business and allowing departments to reach and strategise for both long and short-term goals. 

Network Access
Network access connects end-users to the network services relevant to their interactions within a company. This allows for corporate communication, department operations, data collection, long and short term strategising, and helps enterprises to keep pace with the increasingly fast online market. With connection and communication emerging as a critical factor to success in modern business, ensuring that end-users have an appropriate level of network access helps promote productivity and efficiency across a company.
Good network access should:

  • Work with, not against, existing systems within the business
  •  Meet the needs of the business, and it is department
  • Meet the company needs about threat containment, prevention, and control.
  • Appropriately prevent and resolve threats to the system – including from authorised users
  • Provide end-users with access to appropriate data and applications to complete relevant interactions.
  • Log end-user access in line with company policy, and compliance
  • Analyze user behaviour to run network and event analysis
  • Allow the end-user to engage with smooth, trouble-free interactions. 

Network Access Control

Network access control solutions are essential to ensuring network security and operational function. They approach computer security by attempting to unify endpoint security technology, users, system authentication, and network enforcement, in alignment with company policy. A business’s network access control solution and strategies help guard the company against insider threats, monitor end-user logs and understand patterns of access and work that could be used to enhance efficiency throughout the organisation. Implementing network access will generally not have a significant effect on end-users, with the result often leading to improved productivity. However, it must be noted that implementation may not always mean full access, and that end-users, while they should not face significant barriers when trying to access networks appropriate to their use, should follow necessary internal procedures to comply with company policies. This helps reduce the risk of accidental insider threats and can help businesses prevent and be proactive against intentional threats. 
Network access control helps improve the end-user experience and allows companies bolster their own security policies and reduce the risk of preventable threats occurring from within the organisation. With enabled network access, businesses are more operational and more secure, than ever before. 

If you are unsure about the network access within your business or want to look at improving and securing your end-user experience, contact us today. The team at MOQdigital can help you discover the best way forward for your business. 
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