Education Framework

October 6, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing


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I am sometimes asked what is like being a teacher working in what appears to be a traditional IT company. I answer this question in two ways - we learn from each other and MOQdigital is certainly not what I would call a traditional IT business.

The strength of our approach we adopted to engagements with schools brings both the educative and technological expertise to the table to provide the best possible outcome for the school. So how is it different? We have a framework that lays out our products and services consistent with the needs of schools as well as the methodology that focuses on the following domains:

  • Leadership and community engagement;
  • Teaching and Learning;
  • Professional development;
  • Infrastructure and services.

It is through looking at an initiative through the lens of each domain that produces the best outcome for a school. For example, we often find that the educational direction does not inform the infrastructure and services or become technology looking for an educational problem. The same can be said where academic departments purchase software without considering the infrastructure and services required to deliver a successful outcome.

So how are we using this framework and what is a topical issue?

One of the big topics of discussion currently is the Gonski 2.0 funding and its impact on school budgets and fees. In some schools, IT leaders have been asked to reduce their budgets by up to 25 percent for the next calendar year.  It is easy to look through a list of items in a budget and identify services that appear to be similar or are the costliest as areas to cut in the first instance. However, using our methodology, decisions are taken understanding the actual impact across all domains.  In some cases, the process leads to other options for delivery that can achieve the same outcomes but at a lesser cost.

If you would like assistance with ICT planning, governance, decision-making, and budgeting, etc., please contact the MOQdigital education team. We would be more than happy to discuss with you our approach to supporting your school.