Dynamics 365 sales module for health and aged care

January 7, 2020, MOQdigital Marketing

Microsoft, Dynamics 365

Copy of Microsoft D365 + Power Apps Campaign Blog Banner (5)Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to support sales processes from acquisition to final sale, making it an asset for aged care providers looking to adopt a solution that is easy to use, boosts operations, and integrates well with their existing infrastructure.  

Sales in Health and Aged Care 

Like any other industry, Health and Aged Care organisations need to be able to view and maintain a pipeline of business for success. Dynamics 365 allows them to do this by providing intuitive analytics, dashboards, and planning tools to improve their sales process.  

The Dynamics 365 Sales tool enables the building of strong, lasting relationships with customers. It gives organisations the ability to take insights-based action to make faster sales, track accounts, nurture clients from lead to order, and create sales collateral. There is even the opportunity to create marketing lists and campaigns and follow service cases to grow further leads.  

This kind of seamless, integrated sales ability is vital for success in health and aged care, where clients are particularly picky about the organisation they sign up to and more likely to remain loyal to an organisation they have good experiences with. They are also more likely to leave – and stay away from – any organisation they have a poor experience with and are very hard to win back once lost.  

 Modern Capabilities for Aged Care Sales 

Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to support sales processes from acquisition to the close of a sale, it is an asset for organisations looking to move their operations to a simple, effective, and easy to use platform. With contextual insights, Dynamics 365 benefits Aged Care provider sales teams by:  

  • Improving conversion rates with lead and opportunity scoring built on advanced scoring models. 
  • Increasing response rates with collaboration potential.  
  • Tailoring engagement based on contextually driven insights and recommended talking points.  
  • Enabling more proactive sales through responsive email communications.  
  • Keeping relationships on track thanks to signals from Dynamics 365 and Office 365 that reveal potential risks in a sales relationship.  

In Health and Aged Care, nurturing relationships is vital to sales success. Dynamics 365 helps unify relationships with data, giving salespeople the insights they need to not only track contacts, but to build lasting relationships with them. The platform also helps minimise routine tasks with contextual prompts, giving teams the ability to concentrate on sales and relationships, while also boosting productivity with seamless, collaborative tools.  

 Your Aged Care Success 

If you are looking to improve the sales operations in your Aged Care organisation, contact MOQdigital today. With a wealth of experience with Microsoft suites, our team is delivering an App in a Day Workshop that aims to help business leaders understand how to make the most of their digital investments.