Dynamics 365 and Common Data Model for better customer service in Aged Care

December 19, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Microsoft, Dynamics 365

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When it comes to Aged Care, Baby Boomers are today’s primary customers. They are also a consumer base that is far more likely to turn away from a business after a bad experience. Fortunately, the customer service component of Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps Aged Care providers deliver superior customer experiences. They do this by consistently delivering information across channels to ensure that the same information is shared by all – in what is known as a Common Data Model. Dynamics 365 also provides fast cross-functional insights based on up-to-date information and the ability to use predictive analysis to discover and deliver appropriate levels of care. 

Common Data Models 

The Common Data Model “is implemented to simplify the challenges of data management” according to Microsoft. It “allows developers and IT professionals to set-up new tools with ease” and Microsoft power-users can use these tools to create their own automation methods, measure business processes, and improve their business reporting. 

With a secure, separate database and streamlined ease-of-use, the Common Data Model in Dynamics 365 gives Aged Care providers a way to manage their operations quickly and efficiently. 

It works by ‘pooling’ data across Dynamics 365 apps, as well as from Office 365 and even third-party sources, to bring insights together and deliver a complete picture of what is happening within an organisation. Basically – it brings apps and insights together on an easy-to-use platform. 

Users working with the Dynamics 365 Landscape, and even with custom applications, can manage data between applications and overlapping entities. The benefits include: 

  • Centralised data 
  • The ability to build apps and workflows without coding experience 
  • Improved analytics and insights 
  • Easy integration with other services 
  • Secure and streamlined use 

For Aged Care 

When it comes to managing Aged Care patients, a Common Data Model is an asset. Not only does it help provide organisations with an agile dashboard and scalable infrastructure, but their improved operations result in happier customers. 

In Aged Care, customers are more likely to stay gone after having a bad experience with a business – they tend to remain loyal to those organisations which deliver a superior service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers this by giving Aged Care providers the tools and solutions they need to manage customer files, appointments, financial information, security, health records, and much more. 

 MOQdigital’s App in a Day Workshop helps Aged Care providers understand which of their business processes can be digitised to accelerate their efficiency, productivity, security – and help them improve customer loyalty. With an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s suite of integrated business applications and experience with PowerApps and Dynamics 365, our team can help ensure that you are making the most of your digital investments.