Driving connectivity through software

June 10, 2020, MOQdigital

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As we all began working from home, everything started going online and remote. We needed a new way to connect with staff, colleagues, friends, and family. Software stepped in, taking the lead role in connecting people. Here at MOQdigital, software and cloud technology has driven connectivity. We have been utilising applications like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and other cloud-based technologies. Within these platforms and technologies are many tools that allow us to drive connectivity, such as Video Calling, Instant Messaging, Live Events, Telephony and File Sharing. 

The “quick walk in the office to someone else’s desk with a question has been replaced with short Instant messages. What makes messaging in Microsoft Teams better is that it tells you if the messages have been read by the receiver and the ability to send GIFS, stickers, photos, files. This notification is great for time-sensitive situations, as you will learn if the person you are messaging are reading your messages. 

Video calls have become popular, with most of our staff conducting morning check ins and stand up meetings remotely over Microsoft Teams or Webex. It provides staff with a visual representation, allowing a more personal connection within their workday.  In Microsoft Teams, users can customise their backgrounds or leverage background blur to make participation more private on video calls.  Video calling has been instrumental in driving connectivity with all our staff as they work remotely. 

As our society has adapted with the COVID-19 laws and guidelines, physical events both in the office and outside have had to cease. In adapting, we implemented online alternatives such as webinars and live events. Here at MOQdigital, we have been hosting regular live events for customers and staff, such as our recent Power Apps and upcoming Microsoft Teams webinars. Internally, we have been conducting regular live events, lovingly titled ‘Humans of MOQ’, where we interview prominent staff members who have been with the company for a long time. 

Regular Friday all company “catch-up” sessions with over 50 participants have been exceptionally successful leveraging Cisco Webex, uniquely presenting multiple video feeds on the screen. This has allowed for us to extend the Webex platform by implementing trivia games, virtual scavenger hunts and even “kids-only” disco sessions to promote moral and connect on a more unique level. 

A major component keeping us connected is telephony within our Microsoft Teams platform. We no longer have the need to be at a desk phone to answer work calls, nor do we need to ring other peoples’ work phones to call them either. With the simple connection through Microsoft Teams, we can contact staff without the requirement of a physical phone or cellular mobile. Through this, we are still connected to our customers, especially within our Managed Services. Microsoft Teams has been vital throughout our transition to working remotely, as we are still able to provide premium quality services to our customers and remain instantly contactable to colleagues.  

Throughout our transition to working remotely, software has been key in our connectivity. It was and still is a core component of our business connectivity, and without it our organisation wouldn’t be able to function as successfully as it has so far.  

If you would like to know more about you can utilise software to connect with your organisation, please get in touch below.

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