Digital Trends Shaping Education

June 26, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


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The halfway point of 2019 is upon us, and it is becoming more and more obvious that digital trends are shaping education around the globe. The youth of today are surrounded by technology – and many have been since birth. Educators are beginning to understand the impact of this, and realise that traditional education no longer follows a format that enhances student success. Instead, schools should be looking to adopt digital trends and encourage positive behaviour when it comes to utilising technology.
However, the education sector hasn’t always been quick to jump on board with technological changes. It is essential to realise that changes in technology don’t have to be adopted all at once, and traditional education still has its place. Digital Transformation is about evolution, not extinction, and there are technologies that every school can embrace at their own pace.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a new technology, but its advancements are having a profound effect on education. Many people already use IoT without realising it; be it through smart watches, adjusting the temperature with their phone, checking security on a tablet, and much more. IoT is about connected devices, and this connectivity can be a huge asset for schools. It can enable a teacher to share content with students and parents in real time, adapt to potential issues faster than ever before, automatically track homework, test results, and attendance, and give students a platform to engage and share with their peers.
The Internet of Things, when used correctly, can help educators understand that their curriculum is working in real time, and gives them increased insight and control over their classrooms. As far as transformation trends go, it is also definitely one that all schools can embrace. There are multiple solutions and services for a variety of needs and budgets, and adoption can occur gradually and quickly, depending on what a campus needs.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Often attributed to games, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) can contribute very successfully to education. More and more schools are using VR and AR in their classrooms to help students explore topics like travel and history, to enhance special awareness, and encourage a positive association with digital technologies. The features allow teachers to take their class beyond the classroom and explore global topics in a safe, secure, and engaging manner.
There are also a variety of products available, and many experiences and tutorials are accessible through smartphones. Google Expeditions offers over 900 different experiences for students to explore, giving them the ability to learn anywhere, at any time, and in accordance with a curriculum defined by their teachers.

Personalised Learning
With IoT, AR, and VR comes the discussion about personalised learning experiences. More than ever before, we are realising that personalised learning is the key to meaningful student success. It also helps enhance wellbeing and considers the learning needs of the individual, rather than the class as a whole. Digital technologies have made personalised learning more accessible than ever before and includes blended learning and adaptive learning techniques; both of which give students autonomy over their progress – without teachers having to relinquish control. Instead, teachers become more present in the learning experience and have more insights and real-time capabilities than ever before.
There are a wealth of personalised learning options available to schools, and solutions to fit the needs of every campus – regardless of size, budget, and where they are on their digital transformation journey.

The Future
Every journey toward digital is different, and not every trend in technology is going to work for every campus. However, students are becoming less engaged with traditional learning and are hands-on with technology beyond their classroom. Digital trends are paving the way for the world around them, and schools need to embrace a future of technology of face falling behind.
If you are interested in Digital Transformation or want to explore the options available for your campus, get in touch with MOQdigital today.