Digital Transformation Trends in Education

August 14, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing


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 Digital Transformation Trends in Education have shaped school landscapes dramatically, affecting teachers, students, and operations. In an era so driven by change, many school leaders are beginning to wonder what to expect from the coming decade – and how to make the most of it moving forward.

Forbes recently released what they think to be the top Digital Transformation Trends in Education, exploring how shifts in education are deeply connected to how the digital market is changing.


Customised Learning

One of the most significant changes in education has been the adoption and delivery of personalised learning experiences. Schools are shifting from STEM to STEAM learning, encouraging students to engage with positive mental experiences and develop skills that will put them ahead for years to come.  Interactive learning allows this, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enhance it. Teachers can lean away from traditional learning and begin catering to the individual needs of their students, all while monitoring and managing their progress in real-time.



The second Digital Transformation Trend in Education that Forbes predicts is improved accessibility to information and learning. Technology has enabled student success by ensuring that learning experiences are customised to a student’s capabilities. This includes incorporating text-to-voice transcription, as well as voice-to-text, to ensure that those with learning issues can be involved and keep up with their peers. Information is also available in audio and visual formats, and accessibility has improved to ensure that student success is possible regardless of where a classroom is geographically. Rural communities are no longer isolated, and Digital Transformation trends in education have made it possible for remote students to get the specialised support they need to thrive in a digital era.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has significant potential for transforming education as it enables smarter, more connected schooling experiences. On an administrative end, it helps reduce costs and manage campus facilities, while at the level of learning, it improves communication, collaboration, and innovation in the classroom. Students can share homework, assignments can be tracked, attendance monitored, and security maintained. IoT is, and will continue to shape the world around us – and schools are no different.



One of the most critical Digital Transformation Trends in Education is security. As the world becomes more connected, security becomes a priority for educators and parents alike, with many wondering how to secure learning experiences appropriately. Advancements in technology will enable improved transparency and parental controls when it comes to online learning, and an enhanced emphasis on digital credentialing, two-factor authentication, and other forms of digital protection. Schools are also learning to encourage students to become responsible Digital Citizens and understand their responsibility when it comes to enforcing positive online behaviour and mental wellbeing.



Learning will continue to evolve with technology, and Digital Transformation in Education is no longer a trend, but a reality. The future of education is exciting, and it can be very daunting. If you are wondering how to make the most of the digital investments on your campus, or are unsure of where to start on your journey with Digital Transformation, get in touch with MOQdigital today.