Digital Transformation and You

July 16, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Digital Transformation

Copy of MOQdigital Jan - Mar II (75)Digital Transformation is a term that is thrown around the business world more and more. But what is it? A Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital processes that help businesses achieve strategic goals. At its core, Digital Transformation aims to change how teams work together. It is not solely about technology, but rather about how that technology helps leaders build a better business. Many business leaders focus on the transformation part when they should instead hone in on utilising appropriate digital technologies to enable better, brighter business decisions.

The companies who use transformation correctly benefit from a shift in how they do things, strengthening their core values rather than altering them. This includes creating a:

  • More collaborative work environments with a meaningful, shared vision.
  • Improved transparency and engagement across the workplace.
  • A cultural shift away from traditional business structures toward an empowered Future Workplace
  • An anywhere, anytime workplace with cloud-based, economic, agility
  • Innovation across company operations
  • Data-driven decisions that are up-to-date, relevant, and customer-centric

The Five Questions of Digital Transformation

There are five stages of Digital Transformation that can help make evolution in a digital age easier for business leaders. These stages can be explored as questions regarding where a business sits on their transformation journey:

  1. Have we convened with all business stakeholders and spoken about a digital transformation project, but unsure what to do next?
  2. Have we undertaken a small project that has been successful (proof of concept) but are now unsure of how to move forward to pilot more significant projects?
  3. Have we received support from senior leadership, and has a specialised team has been created? Also, has the company started to pilot a product or service inside a new digital framework but is now unsure about how to up-scale that project to the rest of the organisation?
  4. Are you asking what comes next after a digital project has proven successful?
  5. The business is now digital and is successfully profiting from Digital Transformation. However, it may be having issues refining the outcomes of the digitalisation process or want to discover new opportunities.

Companies asking these questions are all at a stage where they are ready to make the most of their digital environments. Regardless of where they sit in their transformation readiness, business leaders can look to take the next step by booking an ICT review to help companies understand and develop their skills and vision. This leads toward the natural development of the tools and knowledge required to manage a successful Digital Transformation journey and allows for the development of a reliable and relevant ICT strategy that will help individual businesses get the most out of their digital journey.

Your Transformation

Practical advice, enveloped in a defined delivery framework, helps achieve results fast. MOQdidigtal recognises that providing a balance between staying ahead of the curve, managing the evolving needs of the business and understanding emerging trends, makes the ICT leaders role increasingly difficult. But, the time for Digital Transformation is now and businesses who don’t get on board risk falling behind.

Begin your Digital Transformation Journey by getting in touch today. Our team of experienced consultants can help you find the right strategy for your business.