Creating a Safe Work Environment

September 1, 2017, MOQdigital Marketing

Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising workplace health and safety. From outsourced healthcare to remote workplaces, and in safety and health departments, IoT applications can shape businesses for the better. By enabling the monitoring of physical signs, such as temperature, sweat, and heart rate, as well as geographical proximity to dangers, IoT provides businesses with a powerful tool to boost the efficiency and safety of their organisation. 

The Ability
The Internet of Things provides solution based data that is fed into the cloud for collection. This centralised cloud management helps coordinate Geo-Fencing, alerting, management, response times, communications, visualisation of key environmental trends, and the activity of users. This is all done within an integrated dashboard environment whose data can be utilised to improve individual, group, and corporate safety and performance. When it comes to creating safe work environments, IoT provides companies with the ability to:

  • Meet, monitor, and maintain health and environmental standards
  • Anticipate issues
  • Reduce and prevent incidents
  • Retain confidentiality

IoT technology is creating more connected workers and workplaces. Employees and employers who are aware of their environment and risks can improve their own safety. Wearable devices, embedded sensors, machine monitoring, GPS, and real-time make it possible for individuals to be monitored, and monitor themselves, while at work. This helps reduce the risk of injuries and overexertion, improves awareness when operating in dangerous and/or high-stress environments, and helps develop policies to ensure long-term well-being.
A fantastic development in IoT is the rise of wearable technology. These devices, often in the form of Smart Watches or fitness bands, utilise IoT to gather, integrate, and analyse data. This creates the ability to combine data from sensors on machines with information about environmental factors, location, and proximity to danger, to improve health and safety monitoring. These insights will transform how companies operate, improving work environments, increasing asset wellbeing, and reducing risk. 

The Benefits
IoT applications can shape how companies apply, monitor, and deliver safety measures. 

  1. Increase Awareness 
    IoT can increase the adoption and integration of safety programs by improving and altering worker behaviour. These alterations occur due to greater awareness regarding environmental and personal risks, as well as ongoing monitoring to identify trends or abnormal changes. This helps make companies and individuals more aware of their capabilities, as well as more accountable for general activity and wellbeing. 
  2. Generate Insights
    Insights are an integral part of IoT. Companies can utilise real-time data generated by IoT devices both on machines and worn by employees. With wireless sensors, wearable devices, and GPS, the data received by IoT dashboards can derive critical insights that can change, strengthen, and monitor safety and policies, and help pre-empt issues before they arise. 
  3.  Create connections 
    In an ever-connected world, staying connected to the workplace is fast becoming a cornerstone of success. With real-time data, cloud-driven analytics, and dashboard monitoring, workplace accidents can be reduced or prevented. Remote healthcare can also be improved as insights can be generated that keep practitioners and patients in touch regardless of distance. With real-time insights, monitoring, and communications, business safety and connection are more relevant and integral than ever before. 

MOQdigitalMOQdigital understands that safety and security are integral to corporate growth. Ensuring that your workplace is providing a well maintained and monitored environment not only helps improve occupational health and safety, but it allows your business to develop a deeper understanding of its safety policies and worker well-being. 

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