Convergence for Companies

June 27, 2019, MOQdigital Marketing

Converged Communications

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Companies around the world are beginning to realise the growing need for IT and Convergence in their digital environments. The network transformation that occurs with Convergence can help improve business processes and drive greater innovation and collaboration across companies.
What is it about Convergence?
Network Convergence removes the barrier between people, networks, and processes. It is a means of streamlining operations in a digitally driven world and enhancing a Future Workplace experience. The aim is to improve decision making and business processes, resulting in saved time and money and better operations throughout an organisation.
Converged Communications also enable a single viewpoint for IT, allowing teams to manage access and security more effectively. It is a practical and effective solution that benefits collaboration and agility, which, in turn, creates a more dynamic business that is capable of catering to ever-evolving user needs, company advancements, and team progress.
Another significant benefit of Convergence is that it is broadly applicable. It does not matter what network or devices a company is using; the right solution is capable of delivering appropriate and agile service regardless of where a company is in their Digital Transformation journey.

What is it?
With so many benefits, it can be difficult for some companies to grasp what network convergence actually is. Is it a Cloud solution, or something to do with IoT? Simply put, network convergence is a process that enables a platform. The process brings existing network systems together onto a multi-model communication platform that companies and users operate from.
Because our world is increasingly revolving around our access to technology, the need for this kind of solution is becoming more and more important. By delivering seamless access to the tools required for daily operations, along with improved visibility and access controls, network convergence is fast becoming an asset for modern business. This is especially true as it enables technologies to interact and connect, allowing companies to explore telecommunication, broadcasting, and network capabilities that they may not have been able to access before. This includes enhancing wireless tools, enabling online collaboration platforms, improving video conferencing capabilities and streaming, uniting phone systems and voice over IP, and much more.

The Future
The possibilities for network convergence are seemingly limitless, and Convergence is changing Digital Transformation in an exciting and fundamental way. With greater opportunities available, businesses who want to explore how Digital Transformation can enable their Future Workplace should get in touch with MOQdigital today. Our consultants can help answer your questions, and help you find a solution that meets the needs of your business today, tomorrow, and well into the future.